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10 • 16 | It continues...

10 • 01 | It begins...

09 • 03 | Winter of Year 16 has arrived! Don't forget to age up your characters, and take a look at the new seasonal skill prompts. Also, take a look at our important September Update!

04 • 01 | Wait, are those... mammoths?

02 • 14 | Something strange has appeared in the north....

IC News

10 • 05 | THE NOMAD BAND has entered limbo. A claim must be made by a current band member within 1 ooc week or the group will be permanently disbanded.

10 • 05 | INCENDIUM is dissolved. A valid claim must be made within 1 ooc week or the pack will be permanently disbanded.

09 • 15 | ASHEN is having a mandatory meeting here!

09 • 14 | FIRESIDE is having a mandatory meeting here!

09 • 08 | THE PIRATE BAND is kicking off their Pirate Pity Party and all loners, Fireside, Abaven, Habari, and a select few others are invited! There will be races and spars!

03 • 16 | THE PIRATE BAND is kicking off their Pirate Party and all loners, Fireside, Abaven, Habari, and a select few others are invited!

03 • 02 | ASHEN Begins their practice raid against THE HALLOWS here. View the scoreboard.

02 • 26 | VALHALLA Begins their practice raid against AERIE here. View the scoreboard.

02 • 25 | HABARI is holding a mandatory pack meeting here.

02 • 07 | ASHEN is holding a mandatory meeting here.

01 • 02 | WINTERFELL is now known as INCENDIUM!

Winter, Year 16

In Boreas, wi̹n̞t̨er h̪a͍s o̗nc̤e̘ agąin r͜e͉turn͓ed. The̬ t̻e̙m̫pe̤r̥a͉t͔ures̥ wi̞l̬l̻ s̫lo̮wly di̧p̝ as͓ the şea͢s̭o͓n ch̹an͢g̲es͉,͔ and͔ sn̨ow s̯to̗rms w̧i͎l̤l be̗ pͅlẹn͕ṯifu͍l,̮ e̘s͜peͅci̫alͅl͇y i̲n th̫e n͖orth̤e͔rn̝ h͓al̢f͙ o̦f̺ th͉e͓ con͟tin̰ent̝.̯ The̼ l̡a̢n̮ds seem͎ sa̲fe f̲rom t̡h̡e͈ e̪x̜tr̤ḙme w̭int̗e̺r̯s of rece͉n͖t̫ hist̺o̫ry, though there seems to̧ b̢e̠ s̺o̧m̘et͙h͍i̧n̝g͚ m̥or͔e͚ h͍a̩ngi͢ng̡ in̮ t͍he a͜ir̖ ins͉te̫ad̲...

In Auster, summe͈r has o̼nc̮e aga̠i̬n̳ r͚e̺t͎ur͜n̥e̺d̨. T̤he tem̹peratur̩es wi̖l̤l sl͖owly rͅi͉s͚e as the s̝ea̘so̘n ch̤ange͖s,̼ ḁnd rai̗n̨ s̲t͍orms will̪ be͔ p̻l̪en̳ti̗ful͓, es̨p͙e̖c̩i̥all̩y̨ i̬n th̳e̹ sou̢t̜h̡e̥rn̝ h̳al̘f̣ of̖ thȩ c̮on̤ti̟n͉e̻nṱ. T͇h̝e͎ lands s͈e̱em̳ safȩ f͢ro͖m t̰he e͟x̪tre̥me w͖ea̦the̬r̼ o̮f r̥ece̻ṇt h̬istory.. th̥ou͟gh t͔h̺er͍e̠ s̤eeṃs̮ t̙ǫ be s͔o̟m̫e̪t̩hin̮g moṛe̦ ha̩ņgin͍g̮ in th͜e aįr͖ i͕n͍ste̳ad.͙.

world map

The Hallows911020/26
The Nomad Band2406/12
The Pirate Band4206/12
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The northern portion of Boreas is a harsh, inhospitable landscape. Strong northern winds increase the farther up you travel. Snow also accumulates more and more as you migrate north. Blizzards are common in this area, and the prey that manages to survive the temperatures and weather here are quite often sturdy and difficult to bring down. Coming down by Gilgamesh 2 minutes ago
Eastern Boreas is fertile and green. A massive mountain range rises up in the east and travels into the north. Several rivers and water sources have taken up root in the east, supporting a diverse ecosystem of prey that includes waterfowl and fish alongside typical forest-dwelling creatures. The east is one of the best hunting areas in all of Boreas. Ψ · You’re scaring us by Meissa 4 hours ago
Southern Boreas is lush and moist, home to deltas and grand river systems that lead directly to the open sea. The south is mostly flatland, though not quite as flat as the west. A few rolling hills and dense forests add variety to the deep south. Islands just off the coast are within easy reach. Prey is plentiful here and some marine animals swim further inland - travelling the network of deltas and rivers - than any other coast in Boreas. The eye of the storm by Hikaru 53 minutes ago
The western lands of Boreas are described most commonly as dry and arid. Though some of the land has managed to sprout as green and fertile, much of it is brown and dry as a bone. The west is mostly flatland, with very little rise or fall in the landscape. The winds rip through here and can batter anyone who isn't prepared for them. Amidst The Dunes by Mæva Yesterday, 10:26 PM
Rocks occasionally grace a lovely plain, and though the ponds and verdant blades create a pleasant scenery it is stained with the blood of many. Roaming wolves, rogues, and pups may be forced into packs if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves here. However, this is also the place of battles - major ones such as pack challenges, ownership challenges, and death matches, must take place here though many other fights may also take place on the battlefield. Pack wolves under Tier 2 must steer clear of the battlefield unless participating in or spectating a fight. The world is rumbling ben... by Venom 1 hour ago
The Battlefield
This is the land where characters who have died may interact with one another in the afterlife. Living wolves can interact with the deceased through their dreams, though there are some restrictions which are detailed inside the board. Not in Name, But in Heart by Satira Yesterday, 06:03 PM

Beyond the Bifrost

Auster is a land that only became accessible to the wolves in Boreas following a huge storm in the summer of Year 4. A large strip of sand connects the two continents. Largely unexplored, the southernmost continent of Auster boats plentiful game and abundant wildlife. Though adventure certainly awaits those who wander south, travelers ought to be wary of the dangers that might lurk in these unexplored lands. Swarovski Got Nothing on ... by Romulus 11 minutes ago


Doutaini: Elemental Wolf RP ANIKIRA: semi-realisitic wolf role-play Ruins of Wildwood! 'BEASTS OF BEYOND + an ability-based animal roleplay Caetris Fantasy Wolf Rpg Vestige