Cathedral Point sits at the northernmost tip of Boreas. There it stands, a frozen beacon of ice with sharp spires that reach toward the sun, and an archway that leans toward the ocean. The magnificent pillars of ice are really the only thing special about the place, the land surrounding the cathedral quite desolate and bleak, the harsh northern winds blowing the land smooth of any blemishes. The first step by Rannoch Yesterday, 11:45 AM
Cathedral Point
A long frozen lake, this area is no longer useful to predators nor prey. Its sole purpose now seems to be purely entertainment. Rising ice pillars jut from the surface, some bowing under gravity and reconnecting to create natural arches, while most simply break under the pressure and leave shattered ice littered across the lake. But the real entertainers here are the bio-luminescent plankton - which ebb and glow beneath the ice with each step you take. Second Step's Second by Luminosa 07-14-2024, 10:04 PM
Kennocha Lake
Located deep in the vast northern tundra, the Frozen Field is an expansive array of large glaciers which have run aground. These are slippery peaks, but if you can manage to reach the top the view is incredible. Various creatures have created natural pathways leading to the top, but they are precarious at best. If you’re not willing to brave the climb to the top, there are some surprisingly deep caves that can be found at the base of some glaciers. Their walls are smooth to touch and some are as clear as glass. If the sun hits a cave interior just right, you may be able to peer straight inside to the fossils and bones trapped within. Third Step by Arató 07-16-2024, 09:50 PM
The Frozen Field
Trees as high as skyscrapers are permanently submerged here, frozen long ago when a once-dammed river overflowed and filled the forest, and because of the consistent freezing temperatures, the greenery below has stayed green. Around the outskirts of the submerged forest lies a vast expanse of snowy trenches, threatening to swallow up a wolf whole - tread lightly! If water isn't wet, then ... by Luminosa 07-16-2024, 07:09 PM
Submerged Woods
The S.S. Antiox is an old shipping vessel that came inland up an icy channel. Unfortunately, the water froze in a freak storm and the crew who manned the ship long ago were forced to evacuate. The boat still stands there, completely preserved, now frozen into solid ground. Some human artifacts can be found hiding in the frosty cabin rooms on board. Explore the ship by taking in the view from the main deck or go spelunking deep in the vessel’s hull. Its hallways and rooms are labyrinthine - be careful not to get lost, temperatures often dip below freezing at night. Aw ship... by Valkeyrie 07-17-2024, 04:05 PM
S.S. Antiox
This ancient riverbed is like few others. Nestled at the bottom of a valley, this age-old river, now dried and gone, spent centuries wearing at the earth. By happenstance, it eroded along a long vein of white, gray, and gold marble. The rock of this landscape gleams a pristine white, as milky as bone. It colors steep cliffs and smooth, shining boulders at the base of the valley, and occasional spurts shooting up from the dirt. In bright light, or late dusk, the stones gleam and give off an otherworldly glow. Zoom Zoom Zoooom! [Cifa] by Jynn 07-09-2024, 10:17 PM
The Marble Wash
This once monstrous volcano has since sunken in on itself, creating a natural bowl that mother nature fills with water every spring and summer. Surrounding the steamy pot of drinkable rainwater is an arctic forest in its early stages of life. Yearling spruces dark as charcoal stretch towards the sky against the contrasting ivory of the northern hemisphere. The outer ringlet brings sprouting grasses and signs of life to a halt. Ice slicks over ebony rocks, those near the freezing, sea smoothed over while those shielded from the unforgiving waves are more sharp, and dangerous. A frozen pathway connects the island and mainland during the winter, though some are inclined to rough the bone-chilling waters during other seasons. Grotesque Parody by Aurelia Yesterday, 10:20 PM
Ardens Glácies
In the northeastern part of Boreas, a wintry taiga drops suddenly into a wide valley surrounded by sheer rock faces that rise a thousand meters or more on either side and run an entire fifteen kilometers to the great northern ocean. Only a narrow canyon at the southern end of the valley allows a descent to the floor. The sheltered valley within plays host to a mix of short grasses and lichens fed by freshwater waterfalls that pour down from the steep faces of slate. After heavy rain, dozens of small temporary falls can be seen running down the cliffs to join the sea. Protected by the slopes of stone, this little tundra is a surprising abundance of greenery in an otherwise unforgiving northern landscape. An ocean inlet cuts much of the valley in half and provides a protected harbor for seals and other ocean life, deep and wide enough even for whales to be seen there taking advantage of it's impressive sheltering confines. If Only You Knew by Delaeni Yesterday, 10:37 PM
The Polar Sound
A vast plain stretches towards the horizon, sprinkled lightly with tall grasses and irregular areas of shrubbery. Clusters of petite pine trees hug together, shuddering in the snow-kissed touch of the frigid seasons; though unknowingly helpful as a dwindling refuge against the harsh, recurring elements. Summers here are surprisingly warm, plains clearing of all traces of ice and snow; herds of elk and others alike travel from the surrounding northern borders to graze youthful vegetation, always readily welcomed by the residing wolves of the area. Thought Contagion by Zagan 26 minutes ago
Sparse Pines
This forest gets it name from the vast expanse of redwood trees found within its bounds. These ancient trees have had plenty of time to grow completely undisturbed by any unnatural interference. Their mighty trunks range in size from massive to mind-blowing. Other trees and undergrowth dot the forest floor, dwarfed by the giant redwoods. It’s difficult for anything to thrive on the dimly lit ground beneath the canopy of enormous redwoods. Fallen leaves and moss deaden most any sound, creating a quiet, dark, and intimate wooded landscape. Whispering in the trails ... by Ellara 11 hours ago
The Red Forest
Screaming winds whistle down the mountainside into the Gale Gorge. This craterous gorge is found in the center of a dense pine forest; its walls are treacherously steep with only a few scrubby plants and hearty pines clinging to its sides. The floor of the valley catches the wind and seems to hold it in its center - if you make it the bottom of the gorge, you simply can’t escape the sound of the wind. Those hell bent on making it to the bottom of the gorge will be rewarded by rich, loamy soil that is capable of growing rare herbs. The valley often blooms late into autumn and early winter thanks to its protected center. Are you Musky? by Fable 07-10-2024, 11:00 AM
Gale Gorge
An impressive display of slate grey cliffs rise out of the ground here, forming a large, bleak mountain. It rarely freezes over completely outside of Winter, but the stone peaks are quite desolate and foreboding no matter what time of year it is. There are only a few safe routes up the mountain, and even when you reach the peak of the falls you find there is no way to reach the top. The water, flowing from the north, is bitingly cold, but extra fresh and clear. Below the stone mountain, the terrain is typically heavy with foliage, except for where the waterfall pools into a small lake, forming a natural stone basin. my life was a mess, but i... by Gem 07-09-2024, 07:35 PM
Waterfall Peak
An enormous geyser located in northern Boreas, near the coast. As per any geyser it reaches temperatures fatal to life, and while a beautiful sight, it's best to be cautious when wandering nearby. Constantly going off in winter, the geyser lays dormant in preparation during the summer season. Off the edge of the shore lies an icy island, seemingly uninhabitable, but quite a beautiful spectacle. It lies dormant and frosted over throughout the year. No evidence of activity found.
Devil's Spout
Offering a nice shelter in the side of a mountain, carved out over time by the winds, lies a small system of caves. The caves were once used by humans far back in history, the evidence of their presence shown on the walls. Covering the walls are strange colors and shapes. Though most wolves might be oblivious to the meaning of these images, some might have come to hear tales of the two-legged creatures that once ruled this world. These images represent many things, some more familiar than others: from humans to other animals, mountains, plants, the the seas. The caves offer good protection from the elements, and even have escape holes in case something were to be lurking in the shadows. Glow by Luminosa 07-14-2024, 08:35 PM
Caves of the Past
A dangerous mountain range that's nearly impossible to traverse stretches across the western edge of the northermost lands. These mountains are subject to many rock slides, and frequent avalanches render the mountain pass difficult to impossible to pass. Near the base of the mountain, tiny openings can be found that lead to a vast system of caverns that wind through the mountain range. The structure of these caves varies, from earthen walls that smell of clay and dirt, to dangerous caves full of stalagmites and stalactites. Dripping can be heard from deep within the cavern, and puddles and streams litter the caverns, making exploring these caves quite dangerous. A Hand basket to Hell by Oleander Yesterday, 11:45 PM
Dreamer's Col
This stretch of land, if seen from above, looks as though a massive shark has taken a bite out of the coast. Surrounding the cove are huge pillars of red and black lava rock. Within it: a soft crescent black sand beach. Strong old palms litter the boundaries, their presence aiding in a tropical look. Bitterly cold is the area's usual temperature, but on some hot summer days you can dip your paws in comfortably. Making promises by Yara Yesterday, 08:15 PM
Soul Sand Cove
Upon reaching these, one would first notice the gnarled trees above them touching the sky like a blanket. Though the ground below is nothing special, a creature of almost any size can quickly scale the trees, which lean on each other like ladders, in order to climb higher and higher toward the sky. Once among the branches of these tall and sturdy oaks it is easy to find birds, squirrels, and other tree dwelling prey to feed upon. Likewise, the trees offer many sturdy limbs to rest in on your way down... if you aren't afraid of falling, that is. Close together and far ap... by Basilisk Yesterday, 09:46 PM
Mile-High Woods
The northern mines are an abandoned mine system, left by humans long ago. The mines are reasonably stable, but are collapsed in some areas. It is easy to get lost as they span for miles and miles. You can find various bunkers, containing things left behind by the miners that used to work there, such as helmets, torches, and long extinguished fires. But if you do go in too far, there is no food, water or heat, so it is a dangerous place to get lost in. All good things come to a... by Ririka 07-16-2024, 03:29 AM
Northern Mines
Meaning 'dark room', Locus Obscuro is a room that entirely lacks light. Positioned beneath the Northern Mines, accessible from the various mine tunnels that run through the mountains, not a splash of light is allowed into this dark chamber. Bats frequent here, as well as blind rats, spiders, and other creatures of the night. The lack of sight enhances the senses of sound and touch, but remaining here long can result in temporary - and eventually permanent - blindness. The room includes a single small entrance that a wolf must crawl through leading into an overwhelmingly large cavern of numerous obstacles such as stalactites and stalagmites. The Descent is a 2005 Bri... by Ronan 06-20-2024, 06:35 PM
Locus Obscuro
Rocky cliffs stand on its edges, hard to climb but providing useful defenses. The island sits in an almost bowl-shape, a strange coincidence of geography. At its heart is a now-dormant volcano, and in between rock and mountain sits a lush forest. The island is large, and not many know if its existence. The species that live on it are particularly specialized, although small and not enough in number or ease of hunt to support a pack. Mist often shrouds it in different parts of the day, giving the illusion that it disappears, at least to eyes that don't know what to look for. No evidence of activity found.
Atlantis Island
Down, down, winding ever deeper beneath the earth’s crust, lies a land unlike any other. This subterranean wonderland offers splendor and danger in equal measure. Darkness eventually gives way to an otherwordly glow and heat. The cavern opens up into a vast cave system dominated by streams of molten rock. The air smells overwhelmingly of sulfur and the heat is nearly unbearable, but the unearthly beauty of it draws explorers in nonetheless. I don't wanna talk, I wan... by Tethys 07-11-2024, 11:55 AM
Hell's River
A man-made contrivance, cobbled together from boulders and bricks. Its function is lost to time, save for the stark reminder of something which came before. It bisects the tundra, despite serving little purpose. Herd animals are able to bypass it easily enough, and the crumbling infrastructure is hardly an obstacle for wolves in most sections. The lands surrounding it are largely bogs, sphagnum moss, permafrost and sparse copses of cedar and spruce. Summer hunting finds this place as lush as any other. In the winter it is merely another facet of tundra, upended by the occasional appearance of the stone wall among drifts of snow. Ooo Fancy Pants Mr. McGee... by Absinth Yesterday, 10:03 PM
The Wall

The northern portion of Boreas is a harsh, inhospitable landscape. Strong northern winds increase the farther up you travel. Snow also accumulates more and more as you migrate north. Blizzards are common in this area, and the prey that manages to survive the temperatures and weather here are quite often sturdy and difficult to bring down.