Hidden in clouds, this peak is home to a strange, calm place, oddly devoid of snow during the warmer months, perhaps due to more exposure to the sun. One can only find this place through the uncountable networks and caverns that call Fenrir’s Maw their home. Not every tunnel leads to victory, and like the mountain itself, the way is full of dead-ends, pitfalls, and nature-made traps to raise the fur on one’s back and make the mouth go dry. But once a brave, savvy individual reaches the peak, they will find this wondrous place. High above the low cloud cover, one can only see the land below on an exceptionally clear day. The peak is flattened out into a training courtyard, not merely by nature, and abutted against the cliff is a man made wonder—a great Temple lost to time and once home to priests of tranquility… and battle. The great structure has withstood the elements for thousands of years and contains countless hallways and rooms on multiple levels. (Open to Advanced and above Fighters) what's tomorrow without y... by Víðarr 10-02-2023, 10:40 PM
Mistveil Peak

Set in the mountainous eastern lands of Boreas, Fenrir's Maw is a craggy, dangerous stretch of mountains, riddled with steep drop-offs, unstable trails, sinkholes, and peaked with snow year-round. Riddled with caves that span deep into the mountains, alcoves and chambers, making these mountains a good place for a pack that doesn't mind the dangerous terrain. A wolf must be nimble on his or her paws, or find one's death on the rocky earth below. The plant life is hardy, the trees being evergreens suited to the climate. There are many hard to find herbs that grow here, if a healer is brave and surefooted enough to seek them out.


Fenrir's Maw

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