Welcome to Ardent!

Ardent is a play-by-post semi-realistic wolf (and other species) roleplaying forum set in a land where wolves rule the vast lands, and humans are no more than a bedtime story. Taking place on two interlocked continents with over 100 lands, Ardent is a vibrant world brimming with possibility. Here, your fate lies entirely in your paws, whether you were born and raised right here or came from a faraway region. Will you settle down in a pack or band of like-minded wolves? Embark in an epic adventure across the continent? Start a family, a cult... or a fire? Will you train to be a fighter, protecting your pack from raids or perhaps leading a raid yourself; a healer, caring for all those around you; or something else entirely?

Our community has been running for over a decade, starting in 2012. We moved to our own host in 2015, and changed our name in 2016 to give us a fresh start to reflect our ever-changing and growing community.

Once a more strictly semi-realistic site, we have since evolved to allow more flexibility in our world. We do accept some unusual fur colors and markings, though some need to be purchased, unnatural eye colors, as well as sizes that differ vastly from wolves in the wild. Though we are not a full fantasy site, some unnatural mutations for characters and their companions are allowed, obtainable via. donating to fund the site and its growth, or through site events. Likewise, additional species, companions, and accessories may be purchased from our Gemstone store!

There are no magical or fantasy powers allowed on Ardent, though we are extremely flexible when it comes to your characters' belief systems. Likewise, we allow in-character crafting and hobbies of all sorts, as long as it is done creatively and within reason.

There is no overarching site-wide plot on Ardent. We allow our players to create their own plots, however small or large they may be. Many of the biggest site-wide plots have been fueled by character rivalries, family ties, and spars! We do often have site events that you can choose to participate in, but mostly we encourage our members to create their own plots so that nobody feels constrained or limited! Ardent is a world full of wolves from various cultures and upbringings, all coming together to create a unique world of its own. We do not restrict your characters' cultures or belief systems.

Site Features

Liquid Time We operate on liquid time, meaning you can have an unlimited number of threads, in different areas and taking place at different times - as long as you understand your own timeline and you don't use it to bypass site rules!
Interactive Map Ardent is proud of its rich world and interactive map. We have over 100 unique lands to explore, all with their own unique artwork, as well as over a dozen hidden lands only accesible by characters of certain skill levels.
Awards Awards are a fun way of showing off what you've achieved and completed in-game. They are available both for character accounts, as well as for your out of character accounts.
Gemstones Gemstones are the unique currency used here on Ardent for our Gemsone Store. Posting in-character will automatically earn you 5 gem, and starting a new thread will earn you 8 gems (sometimes increased during events). They can also be claimed for fulfilling art requests or selling art, and sometimes for participating in and winning site contests and events.
Skills Skills are an optional feature on Ardent. Each character can choose 2 skills to level and eventually master if they so choose. Not only do skills give your character more depth and something to work toward, but once your character reaches Master rank in a skill, they can choose a Specialty.
Specialties Specialties, which are only unlocked when your character reaches Master rank in a given Skill, unlock unique on-site bonuses and perks.
Threadlog Our threadlog plugin, viewable under the user tab on the Navigation bar, automatically tracks which active threads your character is participating in.