Ardent Wolf RPG - Obscura


Seek and find out.

Ladies and gentlemen, seekers of the extraordinary and the enigmatic,

Are you drawn to the shadows? Do you find beauty in the eerie and the unusual? Do the whispers of the unknown beckon you with a promise of secrets yet to be uncovered? If so, then you have found your kindred spirits here, among us, in the heart of Obscura.

We are the ones who revel in the mysteries that others shy away from. We are the mad scientists, the dark dreamers, the curious creators who see the world not as it is, but as it could be. We embrace the strange, the uncanny, and the arcane, for we know that within the darkness lies the spark of true innovation and understanding.

Obscura is not just a group; it is a sanctuary for the weirdos, the darkly aligned, and the rejects. Here, your unique vision is not merely accepted—it is celebrated. We thrive on the diversity of thought and the boldness of those unafraid to explore the edges of convention. Whether you are an artist who paints with shadows, a writer who spins tales from the abyss, or a scientist whose experiments dance on the fringe of madness, you will find your place among us.

In Obscura, we do not fear the dark; we seek it out. We question, we explore, we create. We are driven by a relentless curiosity and a desire to uncover truths hidden from the ordinary gaze. Our pack is bound not by conformity but by a shared passion for the obscure and the profound.

So, if you have ever felt like an outcast in a world that demands normalcy, if you have ever yearned for a community that embraces your dark curiosity, then join us. Step into the twilight, where your unconventional brilliance will not only be welcomed but will thrive.

Bring us your weirdos, your darkly aligned, your rejects, and your curious minds. Together, we will forge a path through the shadows, discovering new realms of possibility and wonder. Welcome to Obscura. Welcome home.

Obscura is a neutral dark pack. The main goal is science and discovery. This sometimes takes a darker path. How do you know how things work if you don't rip them open and look at their insides, eh? If you're unable to handle graphic descriptions of gore, violence, illness and probably sexual themes, Obscura may not be the pack for you.

General Rules

1) Respect the Sovereign, her consorts and her advisors.

2) You must speak with the Sovereign to join or to leave the pack. Permission is needed for both.

3) Procreation must be requested of and approved by the Sovereign. Unplanned litters, regardless of familial ties, will be removed from the pack along with their parents. Just don't do it.

4) Everyone is expected to pull their weight and contribute to the pack in some manner.

5) Do not bring war to our door. Do what you want, but each wolf is individually responsible for their own actions. Should you bring strife or confrontation to Obscura, depending on the crime, you may be handed over to those that you've slighted.

6) Trespassers are to be captured on sight and brought before the Sovereign.

7) Be weird. Do the strange things. Practice the dark arts. However... always be mindful of how your actions out in the open may reflect upon Obscura.

Events, Festivals, Things

-A yearly market will be held where wolves from all over the continent may come to trade for Obscuran products. This will be held in Redbud Nook.

-Any double master ambitious enough to plan and successfully complete a raid will be handsomely rewarded.

-There will be a yearly event on Samhain. A feast and scary storytelling will be involved. Costumes are mandatory.

Den Locations
-All wolves are required to den in either the Mangroves or the Falls. Redbud Nook is off limits for denning as it will be utilized for public events.




SovereignThe leader and protector of the pack. The final word in all things.

ConsortsMates and companions to the Sovereign.

PrincessHeir – will be required to learn the duties and responsibilities that come with being alpha. Able to invite other wolves into pack lands.

ViceroysThe Sovereigns closest advisors, responsible for offering their opinions and views.

ChampionsMaster Fighters- Responsible for the protection of the pack and training underlings.

FalconersMaster hunters, responsible for filling the food stores and training underlings.

ApothecariesMaster healers that care for the ill and wounded as well as train underlings.

WayfarersMaster navigators responsible for patrolling, inspecting new lands and training underlings.

PhilosophersMaster intellectuals responsible for the gathering of intelligence, crafting and training underlings.

VassalsThe general populous of the pack not yet mastered in a skill. Responsible for training hard in their chosen field.

StriplingsChildren of the pack. Those under the age of two that have not chosen or mastered a skill.

SerfsOne locked in servitude to the pack. Responsible for daily tasks and common area upkeep.