Ardent Wolf RPG - The Syndicate

The Syndicate

The domain of heathens

WARNING! The Syndicate is a mature, adult-themed pack.
Character alignments fall between chaotic neutral - chaotic evil.
Focused on patriarchy, it is led by a tyrannical Sultan, Sephiran Saxe.

The Syndicate serves as a haven for the Saxe family. Like-minded souls may be welcomed if they manage to impress the Sultan. Their goal? Ignite a wave of destruction, spread the plague of their bloodline, and reap Boreas and Austur for all of its fortunes. The Syndicate has a heavy focus on raiding, pillaging, and bloodsportage. For more information regarding the Saxe family, click here.

General Rules


All pack members must pledge their allegiance to the Sultan and Sultana. Betrayal is punishable by permanently debilitating maims and / or death.

Any who commits treason will be brought forward to the pack to receive punishment by them all. The Sultan decides if their crime results in their death.

Any wolf below the rank of Sultan may be challenged for their rank. These challenges are public and it is encouraged for all packmates to witness the battle.

If there are quarrels among members of the pack, it is an expectation that they handle it amongst themselves. This being said, pack mates CANNOT kill each other. If the Sultan or Sultana needs to step in, there will be consequences for both parties involved.

Pack members cannot cause conflict with other packs unless given permission by the Sultan directly. Doing so is punishable by maiming or death.

Should a pack member wish to bear offspring with a male/female that is not in the pack, they must request permission from the royal pair. Should a wolf breed without permission, they will be forced to claim the children and mother/father into the pack.

All trespassers are to be given the option of execution or enslavement. Should they choose enslavement they are to be brought to the alpha pair for questioning and judgment.

Khalif should be supervised, protected, and trained by everyone in the pack. Sidi must show them respect.

Any pack wolf may have a collection of Sidi, and it is their responsibility to look after them. They are required to share them with the Sultan, but can deny other packmates.

Sidi must show desirable traits, such as submission, compliance, respect, etc. If they commit any act of treason, they are to be humiliated by all in the pack.

Sidi may not produce pups with one another. If this occurs, all pups will be terminated by the Sultan and Sultana. To prevent this, male Sidi are historically castrated by their master.

Sidi can only win their freedom by battling their masters or the Sultan.


  • Winter - Culling of the Sidi Tournament
    Members of the pack who possess Sidi may enter them in a gladiator-style tournament that is purely for the entertainment of their masters. Masters are expected to place bets on their Sidi to win prizes. Prizes will be discussed OOC (including but not limited to character items, site donation, gems, etc), and will be given to the master of the winning Sidi. Also presents an IC opportunity to discard Sidi.

  • Spring - Coming soon.

  • Summer - Coming soon.

  • Fall - Sonbahar Blaze
    A celebration involving the entire pack, where they rejoice in successful raids and other accomplishments. A large bonfire is lit in the heart of the territory, and the pack members will spend the evening indulging in gluttony. Sidi are expected to dance for their masters and serve them food and drinks. Be wary- this can turn into a rowdy event.


  • Khalif tiered training - From the moment pups are born, they are shaped into bloodthirsty warriors. It is a parent's responsibility to train their pups through tiered predator fights- meaning, they will present a predator for their child to fight, starting small and increasing in size as the child meets their milestones. This is meant to prepare them for their Yearling Right of Passage trail.

  • Yearling Right of Passage - The trail to determine where the Khalif will fall into the ranks as a yearling. Depending on the season, the trail for yearlings coming to age will change. Common trials may include participating in their first raid, participating in a gladiator-style fight event, successfully claiming their first Sidi, fighting off NPC trespassers, etc.

  • Journey of Discovery - Any character born to the pack who isn't double mastered by their first birthday is to go on a self-discovery journey as is custom for all Saxe children. And may only return to the pack (if they choose to do so) upon double mastering.

  • Yearly trading of Sidi - An event where slave traders are welcome to approach the pack with the intent to sell & buy Sidi. Pack members can trade their Sidi among themselves at this time. Presents IC opportunity for players to adjust their character list.

  • Airing of grievances - Pack members are encouraged to speak their minds regarding pack issues / ideas without repercussion. This can follow an unsuccessful raid or siege, a harsh winter season, a major shift in ranks, etc.


  • The Polar Sound - Coming soon.

  • Sidi Dens - Coming soon.

  • Ardens Glacies - Coming soon.

  • Sparse Pines - Coming soon.


  • Herd of Hebridean Sheep - Managed and protected by the Effendi- Köle and the Sidi, the herd of sheep is the primary livestock of the pack. Their horns and wool are harvested and used for crafting items.

  • Venemous Snakes - Companions to some pack members. Misc snakes are also available for harvesting venom. The venom is stored in clay pots and can be used to coat weapons, perform experiments, & trade with other packs / bands.

  • Misc daggers / weapons - Stored in the weapons arsenal within each territory. Pack members are encouraged to add more to their supply if they find weapons during their travels. These can be used for skills, non-fight related threads, etc.

  • Misc herbs / poisons - Readily available to the healers of the pack, stored in a large den that is primarily organized and stocked by the Effendi-Haakim.

  • Misc bones, corpses, mutilated carcasses - Used to decorate the borders of the packlands, to ward off intruders, and serve as a warning. They are strung within the trees, set along the borders, etc.





SultanThe patriarch of the pack, the tyrannical King. His word is law and must be obeyed.

SultanaFemale consort that is commonly mated to the Sultan, but not required. The most respected female of the pack, but does not hold the same power as the Sultan.

EmirThe male beta of the pack, and someone usually closely related to the main family branch. They have been chosen to work closely with the Sultan, and are responsible for overseeing the pack in his absence. They are masters in multiple trades, making them adaptable and worthy adversaries. In the event that the Sultan is unable to lead, and there is no designated heir, the pack will fall into the paws of the Emir.

EmiraThe female beta of the pack, and someone usually closely related to the main family branch. They have been chosen to work closely with the Sultan, and are responsible for overseeing the pack in his absence. They are masters in multiple trades, making them adaptable and worthy adversaries.

ImperialThe heir to the throne, chosen by the primary Sultan to take over the empire. This wolf is typically male, and will be trained vigorously by the Sultan and his beta pair.

Effendi-HaakimLead Physician. They are expected to oversee the health of the entire pack, manage medical resources, triage and stabilize pack members during / post raids, serve as mentors to other healers, etc.

Effendi- GezginLead navigator / scout. They are expected to know the ins and outs of the pack lands and the neighboring territories. They will also scout for packs to raid and attempt to lay out the opposing pack's lands. Predicting weather patterns, preparing for storms, managing dangerous terrain, etc, are also expectations. And they will impart their knowledge to the lower-ranked scouts of the pack by holding lessons.

Effendi- SayadLead hunter.

Effendi- MuqatilLead warrior / militant.

Effendi- DhakaLead intellectual / counselor. In charge of the politics between The Syndicate and other packs.

Effendi- KöleLead Sidi Handler. In charge of overseeing the packs Sidi, ensuring their survival, keeping them in line. They also oversee and protect the pack's livestock.

KatilThe assigned assassin of the pack. This wolf has been acknowledged for their skills in battle and intellect. They blend seamlessly into their surroundings, inserting themselves in social situations and acting as an extra set of eyes for the Sultan. They are a dependable weapon ready to be wielded on a whim, but prefer to work alone and directly under the Sultan's command. They will not have underlings.

GhaziThe subordinates of the pack that may excel in a specific skill set, but have not challenged for a higher rank. Their goal is to assist the higher-ranking members by completing tasks such as hunting, scouting, raiding, border patrolling, herb collecting, babysitting pups, etc.

KhalifThe pups of the pack consist of any wolf that is under one year old. They are to be protected by all other ranking members, including the Sidi. It is recommended that they do not leave the pack lands without a guardian.

SidiThe omegas/slaves of the pack. They have no authority, are openly mistreated by the pack, and serve as an outlet to alleviate stress and expand the gene pool. Any pack wolf is free to claim their own Sidi, but will also be held responsible for their actions and care.