After a tsunami ravaged part of the southern coastline, the waters receded to reveal a startling sight - a glittering land bridge connecting the land to a previously unknown continent. Though the sand of the enormous bridge is an ordinary white sand, it appears to shimmer and gleam in a variety of colors at different angles due to the unusual mixture of minerals, ground-up rocks, and shells that contribute to it's making. It is a good place to hunt clams, fish, or simply sunbathe in addition to being the only land route to the new continent. you'd have to stop the wo... by Thalia 06-27-2024, 08:59 AM
The Bifröst
An ancient wasteland lies scattered with the bones of thousands of years of worship and war, going back farther than any story could recall. Found in the center of Auster, and forbidden to be claimed by any pack, The Boneyard is still used as a neutral land for challenges. This is a place to be wary, for it is not only a place of battle but a place where a lone wolf could easily be claimed against their will. This is also a place to find battles, both as minor as spars and as major as pack challenges. Pack wolves under Tier 2 must steer clear of the boneyard unless participating in or spectating a fight. I'm phenomenal at it, and... by Ellara 1 hour ago
The Boneyard
Located under God's Garden, these karst caves boast a large network of tan limestone-walled tunnels. Every room is filled with impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as columns. There are rooms filled with gypsum crystals, others that are home to stalagmite forests. A gigantic stalagmite in one of the rooms stands at over 45 feet tall and 243 feet in circumference. Many claim to see images in the formations, such as a wolf howling at the moon, a flowstone waterfall frozen in time, an alligator mid hunt, or most recognizably the cathedral. The cathedral is one of the first rooms many will come across. Its layered floor and precisely set formations resemble a rocky, glittering cathedral complete with a chapel, seating, and other slightly more imaginative furnishings. Arrowheads can be found around the entrance, and in many areas, wooden bridges have been built over areas where a river pokes out from beneath the rock. No one knows where the river comes from, or where it goes, only that it is visible throughout parts of the cave and heard through all of it. It is apparent someone once called it home, although now the only residents are salamanders, slugs, and the occasional critter taking shelter. You Can't Fight ... Gravi... by Talyssa 07-13-2024, 11:53 PM
Crystal Cathedral
Ivy dusts the forest floor here, climbing tentatively up and around the gargantuan trunks of thousand year old oak trees. Their sweeping vastness is rivaled only by the famous redwood groves. Many trees bear the scars of lightning strikes yet, and those which have fallen are as impressive as those which still stand, several having hollowed out to form structures all their own. hand out the window, floa... by Mochi 07-13-2024, 01:58 AM
The Ancient Oaks
This rocky beach is littered with tide pools, juts of coral, and backed by sandy dunes. For those fond of fish and crustaceans it is a good place to linger. At night the beach seems to whisper and clatter as droves of hermit crabs emerge to begin their nightly forage. Venomous resupply by Azrael 06-18-2024, 05:43 PM
Hermit's Cove
A once proud stand of oak and maple trees now stands encumbered, suffocated by a mass of grapevine so thick only the barest amount of sunlight can reach the forest floor below. The vines cover the canopy like a cathedral's arching roof. It filters through in drops and dribbles, giving only enough sustenance for the trees themselves. No underbrush mars the soil here, and the air is frequently still and quiet. To know me must feel like... by Ishtar 07-20-2024, 11:11 PM
Grapevine Cathedral
This slow, lazy flow of water is an ideal place to fish or lay about. It is lined with reeds and cattails which harbor numerous species of frog, snake, and waterfowl. This winding stretch is typically calm, excepting flooding and sudden storms. Sycamore trees bend over the cool water, providing shade and shelter among their roots. I hear the ticking of the... by Eltrys 07-11-2024, 05:01 PM
Cattail Creek
This idyllic vale is dominated by three features: a broad grove of aspens, a creek choked with beaver dams, and a grassy flood plain that stretches far in between. The trees will encroach no further than the seasonal floods allow, which grow increasingly more severe when the beavers are left to breed unchecked. The area is also frequented by large herds of elk, which graze on the young grasses, aspens, and the waterway's cottonwood saplings that are not taken first by the rodents. Beaver Eight Beaver Nine,... by Laz Yesterday, 09:50 PM
Aspen Dam
All that remains of whatever must have come before are a smattering of stone foundations, well overgrown and worn away, clustering in a cleared field. The thicket of woodland encroaches year by year, but for now the clearing remains choked with herbs of all sorts. Once cultivated and grown in neat clusters they now spread wild, and many otherwise rare plants grow in abundance. blossoms and bumbles by Ellara 07-16-2024, 04:12 AM
The God's Garden
Mystery surrounds these strange woods, where no matter what path you take you always seem to end up right back where you started. The woods are full of twists and turns, a natural maze that leaves wolves lost and confused. There is a path through the woods, however, that would lead to the Bent Canyon on the other side. Most wolves tend to avoid the woods, however, believing that they are cursed, and if you die within your spirit will never find its way back out. Sightings of ghosts have been heard of, but surely those are just rumors, right? It always seems more quie... by Cryptis Today, 04:45 AM
Wraith's Woods
The origin of these standing stones is unknown, adding to their fascinating qualities. This moorland is strewn with stones of all sizes, yet a few stand out among the rest. In a clearing otherwise without debris stand a dozen stones, upright and in a perfect circle. Whether it be a naturally occurring boulder or something carved and chiseled into a new shape, all the stones in this mossy area have been inscribed with strange runes. X's, arrows, spikes, forks, spires, all unknown and unreadable, yet beautiful. The stones are made of granite, and seem to shimmer in the moonlight. In the Moonlight by Aylin 07-17-2024, 04:17 PM
The Runestones
Far below the black soil of this lakeside sits a dormant volcano, one that has not erupted in anyone's memory, or that of their ancestors. Still, the signs of it's existence are there for all to see. Cracks in exposed bedrock vent the smell of burning rock and brimstone, and the earth shakes frequently with the inferno's slumber. The eastern edge of the volcano rest against the shore, creating an unusual cove that is infested with various species of spiders.. many of which are not very friendly. No evidence of activity found.
Brimstone Lake
Carved by an ancient glacial river the Bent canyon bears an unusual shape due to the dramatic bend in it's center. Numerous caves and crevices pock the canyon walls making for excellent den sites if patrons aren't to afraid of the steep incline. The walls of the canyon are a mix of various colored rock from warm grays to russet tones to the occasional band of cream hued stone. Affected by the rain-shadow of nearby mountain ranges, the weather here is fairly dry and arid. However, remnants of that ancient river still flow through the canyon providing a source of water for it's residents. clean up crew by Érebos Today, 12:02 AM
Bent Canyon
A towering beast, covered in green vines and other vegetation, has apparently been taken back by nature. Amron's castle is a large stone structure from when the humans still remained. Bits and pieces are broken off, making small shelters for animals who seek refuge here. This place also boasts many open rooms and hidden passageways. Strange objects left behind from the past remain here, rusting forever more. The Firekeeper by Ellara 1 hour ago
Amron's Castle
Rising from the arid ground, like otherworldly beacons, lies a grove of dragon's blood trees. These unusual trees grow house distinct red resin that will bleed from the tree when the bark is punctured. The dragon's blood trees are one of the few sources of vegetation in the area apart from smaller shrub grasses that survive the arid conditions. Would you say they're a b... by Nami 07-19-2024, 10:32 AM
Dragon's Blood Grove
True to its name, these plains stretch for miles, lush in the spring and early summer, drawing many prey animals. But its most striking feature lays not on the ground, but in the sky. The stars and planets shine brilliantly here, casting a faint glow at night over the plains. It's almost magical, and when the full moon rises, not a shadow can be found, save for the one at your own paws. It is a place that can be romantic; a place to lay back, relax, and watch the stars with a loved one. I'll just be over here... by Hallvarðr Yesterday, 04:49 AM
The Starlit Plains
At the shoreline, there is a shape that juts out of the land. A short, but wide, bridge connects the mainland to a great circle of land in the ocean. The circle is merely an outline, filled in the middle with salt water. There is a small break in it at the bridge to allow fish to come in and out, but they are much easier to catch in the shallows within the ring. The water just off the inside edge is, indeed, quite shallow, reaching only the knees of an average-sized wolf for a few yards. At the end of the shallows is a sudden drop-off, a sinkhole hundreds of feet deep. The ring can be a peaceful place to rest and a convenient place to fish or cool off, but one must be careful not to be stranded in the deep. No evidence of activity found.
Swallet Ring
This river tumbles gaily down a rock face with a gentle hush of water over stone. Surrounding the falls, cedar trees grow thick, giving the air that delicious scent of evergreen and cedar wood. Deer range through the area, though smaller prey is more abundant, and salmon migrate upstream through this river. Bears are a common predator in these times, so it would be best to not let ones guard relax during the salmon run season. Live and Let Learn by Vine 07-21-2024, 08:38 PM
Cedar Falls
Breathtaking crystal blue water cascades down the rock face and with a roar like thunder, collides with the darker shaded water at the bottom. The water terminates in a gentle pool; resting on stone and raised up from the surrounding forest floor like cupped hands, the edges of the pool are lined with lush greenery, many of which are wildly prized by healers. If one is clever, a hidden space can be found at the base of the falls. Stepping inside, the adventurer is quickly consumed in darkness and the roar of the falls. Once inside, one might find that the floors and walls of this cavern are sweet to the taste; massive stalactites hanging from the ceiling overhead are pure sugar and some almost reach the floor. Stalagmites of similar sweetness are just as common. Clear rock candy grows in the small, deep pools that dot the cavern. The source of the glow is the crystallized sugar itself, but don't let that stop you from eating it, it's completely harmless. How to Get Back Up by Eltrys 07-17-2024, 12:23 AM
Lazuli Falls
An earthquake struck this rolling plain long ago, and as consequence the sides of several hills and ridges crumbled away into scree piles in their valley basins. No one could have expected the mysteries it would expose. Buried in the black soil and rock are large, ancient bones of all sorts. Skulls, femurs, fangs, vertebrae. A curious wolf might spend hours studying and excavating this area. Gotta fight another fight... by Eltrys 07-21-2024, 06:31 PM
Fossil Ridge
Shrouded in mist and mystery, this large island should have been unforgettable. However, it lays abandoned. What used to be a thriving city stands silent and despondent. Cruise ships rot in their moorings, and hotels stand open and unguarded. That being said, it is a place full of things for a curious wolf to explore. Wet, Slick, And Ready To ... by Jynn 07-14-2024, 02:51 PM
The Forgotten Isle
Grown in a unique way to form a complicated maze, one must be wise not to venture in such a difficult maze. There is no water along the way, and many can lose themselves, growing tired of exhaustion. These special bamboos cannot be broken or torn down, and so the only way out is to find a path. Though every fifty years the bamboo flowers and the maze slowly dies. Maybe It's Bad Luck. Mayb... by Ochitsuki 11 hours ago
Bamboo Maze
What is no more than a winding coastline during the day comes alive as the sun sets. Hoards of phosphorescent bacteria make their home in this shallow bay, and upon irritation illuminate. Wading through, under the moonlight, produces a trail of shimmering green-blue light. Why give up, why give in? by Eltrys 1 hour ago
The Shimmering Shore
These caves twist and turn, carving a path ever deeper into the earth. However, the name comes not from the dizzying turns and switchbacks of the caves, but from the gasses rising up from deep, deep under ground. They aren't too harmful; meaning only that they won't kill you. However, they do cause a mind to hallucinate, and depending on how disoriented a wolf gets, getting lost is a likely-hood, and That can kill you, via starvation. There are no prey animals down here. So be careful, adventurer. I think there's a flaw in... by Vitani 07-08-2024, 06:04 AM
Hallucination Caves
A shallow, warm bay choked with sea lettuce and kelp. There is no riptide, no crashing surf. Mangrove trees dot the white sand beach, and the waters are a popular destination for sea mammals of all kinds. Dolphins, porpoises, and manatees can frequent visitors, and whales can often be seen enjoying the warm waters farther out. the yin to my yang by Kuroo Today, 08:04 AM
Manatee Bay
This small nook in the forest is a perfect place for the young at heart to wander and explore. The sunny meadow is surrounded on all sides by maple trees, and the grasses within its center mingle with a plethora of fruit bearing shrubs. Elderberries, blueberries, cloudberries, strawberries; No one is certain how the seeds were brought to this piece of land, but it is a popular location for rodents, wolves, birds... and bears. insignificant meritocracy by Stratum Yesterday, 01:50 AM
Wildberry Grove

Auster is a land that only became accessible to the wolves in Boreas following a huge storm in the summer of Year 4. A large strip of sand connects the two continents. Largely unexplored, the southernmost continent of Auster boats plentiful game and abundant wildlife. Though adventure certainly awaits those who wander south, travelers ought to be wary of the dangers that might lurk in these unexplored lands.