Between the cliffs of Lazuli Falls, a vast cavern system hides. These caverns are filled with large crystals of pure sugar along their walls and ceiling. Walking into one of these caverns is almost like walking into a giant geode. The ground, however, is lines with mosses, mushrooms and herbs. It's soft and inviting in contrast to the sharpness surrounding with it. During the mornings, the light from the sun is reflected through the sugar, lighting up the caverns and giving them a warm, mystical glow. These remnants light are what allowed the fragile plants to grow. Everything from the air to the dew on the plants holds a delicate sweetness. One will find that even the most bitter herbs harvested from the caverns taste sweet, making them particularly popular with pups. When drying herbs from this area, it is not uncommon to find that the sugar has crystallized along the leaves and stems, making for a crunchy treat. Some wolves can't stand to remain in the caverns long due to the constant presence of sugar, but a cunning wolf might be able to use the caverns as a healer's paradise. (Open to Intermediate and above Healers.) No evidence of activity found.
Destiny Caverns

Breathtaking crystal blue water cascades down the rock face and with a roar like thunder, collides with the darker shaded water at the bottom. The water terminates in a gentle pool; resting on stone and raised up from the surrounding forest floor like cupped hands, the edges of the pool are lined with lush greenery, many of which are wildly prized by healers. If one is clever, a hidden space can be found at the base of the falls. Stepping inside, the adventurer is quickly consumed in darkness and the roar of the falls. Once inside, one might find that the floors and walls of this cavern are sweet to the taste; massive stalactites hanging from the ceiling overhead are pure sugar and some almost reach the floor. Stalagmites of similar sweetness are just as common. Clear rock candy grows in the small, deep pools that dot the cavern. The source of the glow is the crystallized sugar itself, but don't let that stop you from eating it, it's completely harmless.


Lazuli Falls

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