Located under God's Garden, these karst caves boast a large network of tan limestone-walled tunnels. Every room is filled with impressive formations of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as columns. There are rooms filled with gypsum crystals, others that are home to stalagmite forests. A gigantic stalagmite in one of the rooms stands at over 45 feet tall and 243 feet in circumference. Many claim to see images in the formations, such as a wolf howling at the moon, a flowstone waterfall frozen in time, an alligator mid hunt, or most recognizably the cathedral. The cathedral is one of the first rooms many will come across. Its layered floor and precisely set formations resemble a rocky, glittering cathedral complete with a chapel, seating, and other slightly more imaginative furnishings. Arrowheads can be found around the entrance, and in many areas, wooden bridges have been built over areas where a river pokes out from beneath the rock. No one knows where the river comes from, or where it goes, only that it is visible throughout parts of the cave and heard through all of it. It is apparent someone once called it home, although now the only residents are salamanders, slugs, and the occasional critter taking shelter.


Crystal Cathedral

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