Ardent Wolf RPG - Hemlock


There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes.

Rising from the ashes with aspirations and perseverance,
Delphi hopes to create something new and inspiring.
Hemlock is a True Neutral pack that focuses their strengths on
knowledge, building relationships, and strengthening their own.


Former Leaders

General Rules

1. Final decisions are made by the Curator or the Menders if the Curator is unavailable.
2. Hemlock values all member's opinions. No drastic decisions are to be made without meeting with everyone in the pack first. (This can occur OOC or IC depending on issue/timing)
3. Everyone in Hemlock must provide a skill to some extent, and are expected to participate in all mandatory meetings. Anyone who does not attend are subject to removal.
4. New members must decide their path within 1 IC season of joining Hemlock. Puppies upon turning 1 year old must also decide their path within 1 IC season. (Does not need to be a thread)
5. To leave Hemlock's ranks, approval must be given by the Curator and no one else. (Preferably through IC thread, but may happen OOC)
6. Litters between members are always welcome! If we are close to max limit, please meet with the Curator so they may decide how to go about expanding or expelling members.
7. Pack members are expected to get along or at least behave. Any dispute between members that needs mediating by the Curator are subject to ejection from Hemlock.
8. Do not harm members of Hemlock or other packs. There will be an immediate ejection if harm is brought intentionally upon others.
9. Violence is only accepted during training or raiding. Serious harm is to be avoided at all costs. We train to strengthen, not to bludgeon.
10. Hemlock's rules are subject to change, be taken away or added at any time. All members are expected to adhere by these rules and be knowledgeable of their standing.

Honored Guests

Ember Caparthius of the Hallows


Random Seasonal Event
The random seasonal event will start at the turn of the season and end just before the next season.
These events will always be a surprise to everyone except for the Curator.
The events range from something silly like drawing a snowman to races or team hunts.
Prizes can range from ranking up to gems to art to character's choice.
Random seasonal events ARE NOT required to participate. The objective for these are to bring together the pack and build relationships between characters and even players. The goal is to have fun!

Hemlock's Yearly Meeting
Upon Winter of Year 20, Delphi will initiate Hemlock's Yearly Meeting.
This will be the planned mandatory meeting that all pack members are required to attend.
The goal of this meeting is to check in with everyone, give pack update as whole, and seek what others may want as far as changes go.

Skill Events
When there is a surplus of members who are wishing to work on skills and need help, The Curator will help host a skill event.
Anyone can lead these, but it is preferred they be a "Master" in the skilled event.
These skill events are not super strict for timing, but do have a precedence that they not take more than 1 IRL month to help keep things moving along. The more members that participate, the more likely a shorter time limit with be implemented.
Skill events can range from team hunts, team fights, melee spars, lessons in any skill such as healing or navigation or intellect.

Pack Information

In Process of Updating!

Territory Locations

Location: Stone Steppe

Location: Fenrir's Maw

Location: Stylianos Crypt

Resources Available Within Hemlock

Resources Available For Trade During Travel



CuratorHemlock's primary leader.

MendersThe Menders are the Curator's most trusted wolves.
They have final say when/if the Curator is not around.
Rank may change over time to be three different names.
Typically will consist of the Curator's significant other, the named heir, and their advisor.

AlleviatorsAn Alleviator is the Curator's selected council for advising.
Alleviators are expected to help lead skill events and ensure the pack is healthy, thriving, and happy.

SundownerThe Sundowner is the leader of the Vagabonds.
They are to ensure the Vagabonds are safe and honest while outside of Hemlock territory.

VagabondsThe Vagabonds are part of Hemlock's traveling trade group.
They often are only within Hemlock's territory to resupply and drop off goods.
They are not expected to attend meetings, but must be a trusted enough member.

PaladinsPaladins are the committed fighters of Hemlock.
They are expected to eventually Master the skill of fighting and attend all initiated or defending raids.

StalkersStalkers are the committed hunters of Hemlock.
They are expected to eventually Master the skill of hunting and provide Hemlock with enough food to sustain the pack.

ReviversRevivers are the committed healers of Hemlock.
They are expected to eventually Master the skill of healing and attend all post-raid healing groups.
In their downtime, it is also expected that they help keep first aid stores well supplied.

ConceptualsConceptuals are the committed intellects of Hemlock.
They are expected to eventually Master the skill of intellect and help keep records of Hemlock.
It is also expected that they help maintain good relationships with others in and outside of Hemlock.

WayfindersWayfinders are the committed navigators of Hemlock.
They are expected to eventually Master the skill of navigation and are expected to help maintain Hemlock's territory borders.

SoothsayersSoothsayers are the common, unskilled members of Hemlock.
They are expected to choose a skill path within 1 IC season upon joining or aging up.
Björn Trygg

NippersNippers are the pups under the age of 1.

DecayorsDecayers are the slaves, captives, intruders, or otherwise unwanted wolves that required to stay within Hemlock until their freedom is obtained.
These wolves are not to be trusted or treated with respect.