On the edge of The Orchard toward Soulless Forest lies a thicket of tangled brambles. While some of the shrubs feature thorns, some are smooth. Although this was once probably a beautiful and orderly garden, years of neglect have led the plants to run wild. The intricate foliage system has allowed an abundance of berry plants to coexist. Because of this, there are few areas with grass or other plants. Wolves traveling this area risk getting tangled in the overgrowth with the thorned plants adding to the danger. Treading carefully through the lands may offer rewards to those who are crafty. During the summer, raspberries, strawberries, muscadines, gooseberries, and blackberries grow on the various intertwining plants. In the back, a collapsed shed can be found, although many barrels and glass bottles as well as various apparatuses still remain mostly in tact. (Open to Intermediate and above Intellectuals) No evidence of activity found.
Naneden Bramble

What may once have been a neat, orderly stand of fruit trees, is now an overgrown, rundown grove of apples, pears, peaches, and plums. In the springtime the land is filled with a sweet, heady scent and the constantly buzzing of insects. In fall it is overrun with prey animals trying to get their fill of fallen fruit. Among the rows of trees can be found large swaths of beautiful wildflowers, nourished constantly from the easy fertilizer of the fallen fruits.


The Orchard

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