In the far corner of Redwater Rocks, a curious wolf might find the mouth of a narrow, unassuming canyon. The walls are steep and the path is is hardly wide enough for two wolves to walk abreast. Before long the sandstone towers on either side of the winding trail, making escape impossible except for the way you came, and hopefully the way you're walking. In truth, the canyon does not lead to an easy exit, but instead to a magnificent oasis. The canyon has led you to something like an open-air sinkhole. A lone bristlecone pine, gnarled and ancient, stands sentinel over a tranquil spring-fed pond. The sandstone walls tower above, making the place inaccessible except for the lone entrance you've found. Several unusual plants seem to be growing on the pool's edge, and the water is blissfully chilled. (Open to Navigators who are Intermediate or higher.) No evidence of activity found.
Hideaway Canyon

The landscape here, all barren sandstone, seems to ripple as the surface of a rolling wave might. It is colored and layered in every shade of red, brown, tan, and white, as if painted by the hands of the gods themselves. The wind and rain has scoured the surfaces smooth, carving out canyons and gulleys and caverns. Where the rock is not rolling, it stands as tall monoliths, with the occasional large stone balanced precariously on columns of harder rock.


Redwater Rocks

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