Although the roof has fallen in and long decayed, the stone remains of a small cottage sit mostly forgotten, deep in the depths of the Corpseghoul Swamp. Inside the shelter sit a plethora of metal and glass containers, beakers and vials, and other oddities. Best to watch your step. In the nearby landscape it seems clear that several unusual herbs have been planted and cultivated long ago, now overgrown clumps dominating the small hillocks between stretches of murky water. No matter the weather, time of day or season of the year, the place carries an unnatural silence with it, as if the forest is afraid something might awaken... (Open to Advanced and above Healers) No evidence of activity found.
The Witch's Hollow

The land is wet and soft, bog-like, with the potential pockets of quicksand. The "land" above the water level is covered with marsh grasses, vines, palmettos and irises. The air here is muggy and thick, and often covered in fog. Tree roots stick up from the terrain and act as obstacles.


Corpseghoul Swamplands

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