A swiftly running underwater river courses to the surface in this small ravine. It is collected in a series of small pools, breaking the current down to a pleasant trickle. The hot southern sun creates a miniature greenhouse, baking the surface of the pools and nearby mud. Roots stretch across the top of the ravine and peaty moss has begun to form at the bottom. Vines and roots make excellent footholds leading to the bottom of the ravine where you might scout for rare herbs. The Bird is the Word by Aster 06-19-2024, 10:59 AM
The Deluge
Not far below the surface of the earth, encased in what would otherwise be utter darkness, exists an otherworldly-appearing cavern. After a bit of time stumbling through the darkness, a glow begins to emanate from up ahead. In time one would emerge into a small chamber housing dozens upon dozens of phosphorescent mushrooms. Pads of moss cushion the bumps and rises, and the cavern holds an eerie blue-purple glow. Beware, the mushrooms are deadly to any who ingest them! No evidence of activity found.
Glowshroom Cavern
Tall draping willows are the only trees in this area - and their branches hang low, to the point of nearly touching the ground. The trees here are constantly pushing and pulling, swaying with the wind. Among the clusters of massive willows lies a large pond, covered in lily pads and teeming with fish and frogs aplenty. An Unexpected Welcome by Enki Yesterday, 08:29 PM
Whistling Willows
Named for the color of the lush grasses that grow thick and sweet in the warm seasons, this valley is all that remains of a great freshwater lake that dried away long ago. Large prey flock to this place during spring and summer, taking advantage of the easy grazing, meaning better chances for successful hunting for predators of all types. A river winds lazily through the valley, sparkling and clear, with soft, sandy shores here and there. Smaller prey animals make their homes here year around, in burrows and warrens. Training Exercise by Medusa 07-16-2024, 02:22 AM
Emerald Valley
Rock gives way to sandy dunes, roiling waves of sand mimicking the waves of the ocean in standstill, interspersed with occasional sprigs of grass and cactus. Withered husks of trees are the only shade to be found in this unforgiving land. Water is hard to come by, and the sun beats down relentlessly regardless of the season. In summer, all life struggles to survive. In winter, the nights are cold and frigid, with the day’s heat escaping the moment the sun sinks below the horizon. Only the most hardy could make a home in this place. I Need A Camel For This S... by Enki Today, 12:15 AM
Barren Dunes
This lake grows and withers by the season. In spring and early summer it stretches its borders, harboring a healthy wetland and fostering many species of amphibian and waterfowl. In the late summer and early autumn, the lowered banks are favorable for those looking to fish or root about for tubers. If one had the privilege of looking down from above, they might notice that the lake strikes an uncanny resemblance to a wolf’s paw. The name has been passed down through the generations, but only every so often is the reason realized. TELL ME LIKE IT IS by Lyra Rum-Spice 07-19-2024, 01:19 AM
Wolfpaw Lake
Vericona Plains are a vast expanse of open grassland. Long stalks of wheat grass and thick shrubs dot the land. The tall grasses found here can conceal even a herd of deer, making it a frustrating yet rewarding place to hunt. Herbivores flock to these plains seeking shelter and good grazing. If you follow your nose, you’re sure to stumble upon some kind of prey animal. Small creeks and puddles run through the land; the waterways here swell in the spring and summertime, creating churned up mud that makes your quarry easier to track. strange happenings by Styrmir 07-20-2024, 06:10 AM
Vericona Plains
Cryer's Ravine is located just outside the desert, a deep crevasse in the grassy, wooded landscape. The ravine is concealed and often missed by those not paying much attention when wandering through the area, catching wolves by surprise and causing quite a few injuries as they tumble down the short but steep sides of the ravine. is your mum scary? by Gem 07-16-2024, 02:09 PM
Cryer's Ravine
This is a land seemingly eternally wreathed in mists. Soft grey-green heather blends into the fog, the only color the bright eye catching herbs, rare outside this land, that thrive in the few areas where the sun has driven away the fog. Deep in the mists, Druid's Moor hides a secret: an ancient circle of stones whose origins are lost to time. Mystical and mysterious, Druid's Moor is a haven for all wolves seeking peace and solemn solitude. No more time for playing! by Calliope 25 minutes ago
Druid's Moor
The landscape here, all barren sandstone, seems to ripple as the surface of a rolling wave might. It is colored and layered in every shade of red, brown, tan, and white, as if painted by the hands of the gods themselves. The wind and rain has scoured the surfaces smooth, carving out canyons and gulleys and caverns. Where the rock is not rolling, it stands as tall monoliths, with the occasional large stone balanced precariously on columns of harder rock. some things stay the same by Venom 06-15-2024, 07:56 PM
Redwater Rocks
The entrance to Descensum is a giant hole, with a steep incline. One must be careful when entering so as not fall and break a limb. Within the hole, vegetation of all sorts flourishes, along with very few small rodents such a rabbits and mice and rats. When furthering your exploration, you will find a tunnel, rather large, that leads into a series of underground caverns and tunnels. The deeper in you go, the less light you will encounter. Sporadically placed are underground pools of water. No vegetation resides here, and only strange forms of life can be found. No evidence of activity found.
A dry lake bed that is surprisingly flat, with only a four centimeter height differential between the north and south ends. When the heavy desert rains come, water pours onto the lake bed, forming a very shallow lake. Due to the hot temperatures of the region, the water evaporates, leaving behind a layer of soft, very slick mud. There is a theory that high winds move the rocks at this time, the thin layer of mud acting as a lubricated surface. however, The fact that some stones move and others do not, or that some will simply change direction... makes the wind theory slightly suspect. No evidence of activity found.
Traveler's Lake
This is a wide, flat plain, rippling with grasses lush and green during the summer and spring, though bleak during the winter and autumn. Deer and Elk, and other prey animals, visit this flatland regularly during the lush seasons, making this a prime place to hunt for any predator. Not a single tree graces this plain. However, a river runs through from east to southwest. The water is clear, the sand soft and silty at the shore. However, at the high heat of summer, this river dries to a trickle, somehow managing to survive through the year.. though barely. Lemme Tell Ya a Little So... by Medusa Today, 01:35 AM
Dancefloor of the Gods
There used to be a river that ran through the bottom of this gorge long ago, but it has since been lost to time. What's left behind is a labyrinth of caves and passageways dotting the cliffsides that once formed the riverbed. Large and small rooms alike can be found, as well as hidden treasures and pathways that lead to nowhere. Some caves are simple ones, but others give way to chains of passageways that link to other openings in the surface. Many of the smaller cave systems are home to bears and wolverines - be careful where you go knocking! Cleanliness Is Next To...... by Enki Today, 01:03 AM
Whisperer's Gorge
A geological occurrence where subterranean bitumen leaks to the surface, creating a large area of natural asphalt, smaller pools of such a substance surrounding the main one. Animals are usually unable to escape from the asphalt when they fall in, making these pits excellent locations to scavenge, but be wary, one wrong step and you're done for. One should be very careful when passing through, and the outskirts aren't much safer, littered with ancient trash and debris. Dangerous, but perhaps a useful place to scavenge.. suspiciously shapped pill... by Medusa 06-25-2024, 02:11 AM
Tar Pits
Emerald Island is a barren scrap of land jutting out from the surrounding sea. There are a few large trees spread sparsely across the area and large rocks that seem to have been left behind from when it was once part of the mainland. The little island gets its name from the sandy shores that are stained green from the amount of copper sulfate that is deposited in the earth. Most of the trees are dead or dying, unable to sustain themselves in the copper-rich soil. Some trees and grasses have strange, bluish hues from the excessive mineral deposits found here. No evidence of activity found.
Emerald Island
This sweeping depression caters to a wide variety of grasses. Ridges surround the area on all sides, and looking down into the basin is not unlike looking out over the sea. Under the summer heat they bake and broil, giving the entirety of the grassy sea a heady scent. damsel in distressin’ by Elara 07-21-2024, 04:03 AM
Sweetgrass Basin
Located in the desert, this dried up river bed is surrounded by scrub brush and cacti. Usually it is a pretty bleak place to hang out, but when the rain comes it jumps to life and it becomes extremely dangerous to linger here for long, as flooding happens faster than you think. Further away from the dried riverbed is a splash of palmetto trees, fed by the brief periods of rain throughout the year. Mule Over This! by Jynn 07-09-2024, 09:39 PM
Sand River
This Oasis is located near the very heart of the desert. The tiny paradise is hidden away by swirling sand dunes on every side, and is often mistaken for a mirage by weary travelers. Palm trees grow sporadically around the small glittering pool of fresh water. Grass grows in patches around the water's edges, and it is the only greenery that can be found for miles. During the summer the lake is reduced to a mere pool, but the Oasis never completely dries up no matter the time of year. starry night, starry eyes by Gem 07-16-2024, 03:33 PM
Illusions Oasis
This island is almost entirely barren, muddy and rocky but for the occasional stunted, gnarled trees and scrub grasses strong enough to take root in the poor soils below. Flat, rocky outcroppings cover much of the ground and look, from a distance, like the overlapping scales of one of the reptiles that call it home. A variety of reptilian life including large lizards, snakes, and even crocodiles thrive on the island. A flooded cave cuts beneath the island, opening into a pit in the center that attracts frighteningly large saltwater crocodiles who use the cave to reach their stunning rocks from their ocean fishing grounds. No evidence of activity found.
Scaled Island
A marshy, often mist-laden expanse of wetland. This place is an ideal nesting ground for birds of all kinds. Herons, storks, ducks, swans, and in the trees surrounding many songbirds feed their young with the insect larvae that spawn in the spring. Frogs are also abundant, their tadpoles becoming dinner for many young birds. In the center of it all, there is an island with a single willow tree in the middle, big enough for a few wolves to gather for a meeting; or simply a place for young lovers to escape and be alone together wrapped in the songs of thousands of birds. Darling, I Miss You by Modesty 07-14-2024, 01:51 AM
Avian Estuary
A narrow strip of land about a mile wide and twelve miles long, this stretch of land is barren and lifeless. The ground itself has drank up all of the water in this place, leaving cracks in the earth, some even large enough to swallow a wolf whole. The wind batters any soul that lingers here for too long, kicking up dust and rendering traveling the length of the strip nearly impossible most of the time. No evidence of activity found.
The Sycari Strip
A mid-sized island set in the vague shape of a crescent moon, Silver Isle is named for it's shores of pale sand that appear silver under moonlight. The ecosystem as rich, prey animals fat and healthy due to the difficulty most wolves have in getting to the Island. Set a quarter mile from the southern shore, the outward curve of the crescent faces out to sea while the inside curve houses a protected cove. Flora is mostly tropical, with many sweet fruits that a wolf could find enjoyable. no matter where you go, t... by Makara 07-12-2024, 10:35 AM
Silver Island

The western lands of Boreas are described most commonly as dry and arid. Though some of the land has managed to sprout as green and fertile, much of it is brown and dry as a bone. The west is mostly flatland, with very little rise or fall in the landscape. The winds rip through here and can batter anyone who isn't prepared for them.