By following the cave system it is possible to find a small opening that is easily looked over as just another of the cave’s alternate escape routes. However, this one opens into a small clearing that is inset into the mountain, the space shielded from the cold winds and weather of the north and creating a space that is oddly temperate despite its location. It quickly becomes clear that this was a space used by creatures long ago for story telling and rituals, the markings they left behind standing out vibrantly everywhere you look. The walls that are formed by the rocky cliffs that surround it are thickly covered in markings and paintings similar to those found within Caves of the Past, but even more numerous. They overlap one another in places and almost completely obscure the color of the rock from the ground to about five or six feet up the cliff. In the middle of the clearing is a rock-lined pool that is kept full with rain water or melting snow and is nearly crystal clear, revealing the paintings and carvings that have been made along the bottom of this pool as well. The pool is surrounded by a cluster of willow trees, seeded and planted long ago by the creatures that decorated this place. Peeking behind their sweeping branches reveals that their trunks are decorated and painted as well. The ground around the pool and willow trees is covered in a soft blanket of grass that is often dotted with small flowers or herbs. (Open to Intellectuals or Healers who are Master) No evidence of activity found.
Shelby's Atheneum

Offering a nice shelter in the side of a mountain, carved out over time by the winds, lies a small system of caves. The caves were once used by humans far back in history, the evidence of their presence shown on the walls. Covering the walls are strange colors and shapes. Though most wolves might be oblivious to the meaning of these images, some might have come to hear tales of the two-legged creatures that once ruled this world. These images represent many things, some more familiar than others: from humans to other animals, mountains, plants, the the seas. The caves offer good protection from the elements, and even have escape holes in case something were to be lurking in the shadows.


Caves of the Past

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