Mystery surrounds these strange woods, where no matter what path you take you always seem to end up right back where you started. The woods are full of twists and turns, a natural maze that leaves wolves lost and confused. There is a path through the woods, however, that would lead to the Bent Canyon on the other side. Most wolves tend to avoid the woods, however, believing that they are cursed, and if you die within your spirit will never find its way back out. Sightings of ghosts have been heard of, but surely those are just rumors, right?


Wraith's Woods

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from the shadows Hanzō 4 64 03-13-2023, 01:53 PM Last Post by Hanzō
trees make the worst frenemies, they’re too good at throwing shade Modesty 14 77 03-04-2023, 01:43 AM Last Post by Deluge
where, oh where, has my poltergeist gone open to all GRÏMMJOW M. 1 42 01-06-2023, 08:42 PM Last Post by Medusa

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