Ardent Wolf RPG - Hellborn


It ain't murder if you don't find da bodyyyy~

Hellborn is a dark themed pack, where x-rated and mature things are part of the fun. Interact with and join at your own risk.

Welcome to Hell!

A sanctuary for sinners, a home for the hollow, and a haven for those who dare to embrace their shadows. Hellborn is a diverse and eclectic community that thrives on the mystic and the extraordinary. Here, we welcome cryptics, oddities, witches, and even those whose pasts, presents, and futures are marked by darkness.

We believe in the power of magic, the allure of the unknown, and the acceptance of every facet of one's nature. Our members are united by a shared passion for exploring the shadows, uncovering hidden truths, and embracing the mysterious aspects of life. We celebrate individuality, especially those whose paths have been tainted by sin and transgression.

In Hellborn, you will find a supportive community that not only accepts your quirks and oddities but celebrates them. We gather to share our stories, delve into various practices, and support each other on our journeys. Whether you are a seasoned witch, a curious cryptic, or someone whose paws are stained, Hellborn offers a welcoming space where you can truly belong, where your individuality can really shine.

General Rules

1. The Queen's word is final.

2. Leaving Hellborn is accepted on a case by case basis, but only allowed if they do not pose a threat to Hellborn and are overall in a good place with the Queen.

3. Hellhounds are to hide within the woods at all times and watch for trespassers, however everyone should patrol and mark borders. Trespassers must be stopped when discovered, however a T1-T2 must be called to deal with them.

4. Everyone must contribute in some way. By one year of age, pups will be ranked as apprentices and must choose a path to follow. There is a leniency of 1 season for apprentices and sinners to pick a path. Paths can always change down the line if necessary.

5. Members are encouraged to settle differences themselves, however maiming pack mates of any rank is not allowed.

6. Don't start problems expecting the pack to clean up your mess, or you'll be the one getting cleaned up.

7. Plural marriages and relationships are welcome. Breeding needs to be approved by the Queen prior. Children born to Hellborn members belong to the Hellborn until they are 1 year old. The Queens consorts are not permitted to have litters with others, but relationships are otherwise allowed. Bastard children or any other pups born without permission will be sacrificed.

8. T1-T4 ranks are considered royalty, proper etiquette is a must.

9. Erased members are working to earn back their 'soul'. They could either be recent members of the pack that aren't fully trusted, demoted as a punishment, a captive, or otherwise. They are not to be treated as slaves, however they are expected to do whatever task is asked of them within reason. Abusing, neglecting, or harassing the Erased is forbidden and grounds to be erased.

10. Attendance is mandatory for all meetings, failure to appear will result in removal from the pack unless there is an absence notice.


Summer/Winter Solstice Feast
─ Open to allies and those with permission, a pot luck is held to keep alliances strong. Although it is an open event, there is a lot of political discussion but there is plenty of room for fun.

Spring/Autumn Equinox Party
─ Any and everyone is welcome to this party, as long as they are allied or otherwise have permission. A grand party with a heavy focus on alcohol, drugs, and food. A night of fun and perhaps even some debauchery.

─ Party around ic october 31, day of mourning and celebration of life november 1st. This is an intimate, pack-only gathering, however it is not uncommon to invite the most trusted individuals and allies, although permission will be required. This is a very serious event.

Marriage Ceremony
─ Everyone is welcome to have the wedding of their dreams, however it is to be celebrated by the whole pack and preferably allies. The only stipulation is that the wedding must occur at night.

Extermination Day
─ Once every Spring and Fall, there will be a contest similar to a 'Bug Catching Contest' in which the contestants will race to hunt and capture the largest, strongest, fiercest, and rarest predator, prey, or npc. More points if it is alive, and even more the less damage done to it.

News & Current Events

─ When Ashen fell, Widow challenged Bellatrix for the pack and won ─ widow, 5/27/24

Current Events
Now, Let's Give These Burning Fools a Place to Dwell ─ Pack founding!

Territory Information

Wraith's Woods
A labyrinth of gnarled trees in the central to eastern part of the territory, very little light reaches the forest floor adding to the difficulty when traversing the haunted maze of a forest. Navigating it is not only treacherous on its own, but with many traps of various types hidden throughout, and hellhounds waiting to bite, it could easily become someones ticket into hell. A moderate sized pond stocked with plenty of fish rests just slightly to the west surrounded by a few smaller clusters of trees.

Den Sites

Widow ─ In a burrow among the roots of a massive, old wisteria nestled in the middle of the woods.
Gruesome & Terror ─ Coming soon.
Erebos ─ Coming soon.
Stolas ─ Coming soon.
Ravage ─ Coming soon.
Name ─ Coming soon.

Services, Resources, Fauna, & Flora

─ Tarot Reading
─ Fortune Telling
─ IMP services

─ Cannabis
─ Peafowl feathers for accessories
─ Toxic Porcupine quills

─ Porcupine (common)
─ Dikdik (rare)
─ Peafowl (common)
─ Okapi (rare)
─ Tapir (common around pond)
─ Freshwater Pond Fish

─ Alfalfa (common)
─ Cannabis (common)
─ Kava (rare)
─ Marigold (common)
─ Valerian root (common)
─ Watercress (uncommon)

Underbosses & Apprentices

Every member that is between 1 and 2 years old (that isn't Erased) will be ranked as an apprentice and expected to select a path to follow and find a Underboss (mentor) or one will be assigned to them. Underbosses are responsible for making sure that their apprentice gets to at least expert in one of their skills so that the apprentice is ready to graduate into the rank they have been training for upon their second birthday. Apprentices that reach master in one skill during this time will receive the desired single-master rank upon mastering.

Current Underbosses & Their Apprentices
Widow ─ Cryptis (Intellect)
??? ─ Terror (Navigation)
??? ─ Gruesome (Skill)
??? ─ Howl (Skill)

Raid Scoreboard

No raids yet!



Queen of HellPrimary Leader.

DivineHeir to the throne, must be blood of the Queen. Can be challenged for, but only by the Queen's children.

OverlordBeta and advisor. Most trusted individual that is not a consort or family.

Soul DealerDiplomat

PrinceThe Queens sons. Expected to apprentice at 1 year old.

PrincessThe Queens daughters. Expected to apprentice at 1 year old.

Ars GoetiaCustom consort rank for Stolas

ExorcistCustom consort rank for Ravage

ReaperCustom consort rank for Erebos.

HellhoundGuardians of the pack.
Expert in Fighting Required.

SoothsayerThe packs fortune tellers, seers, etc.
Expert In Intellect Required.

IMPMurder professionals, assassins, etc.
Expert in Fighting Required.

AlchemistScientists, chemists, and toxicologists.
Expert in Healing Required.

AstrologistStargazers and those that study astrology or weather patterns.
Expert in Navigation Required.

SpellcasterWitches and believers in magic.
Expert in Healing or Intellect Required.

ApothecaristHerbalists and potions masters.
Expert in Healing Required.

Witch DoctorHealers, medics, and surgeons.
Expert in Healing Required.

ButcherHunters and animal tenders. Responsible for the animal stocks.
Expert in Hunting Required.

TravelerNavigators and map makers.
Expert in Navigation Required.

SinnerGeneral member population that is trusted enough, but hasn't reached the required skill level to select a path.

ApprenticeCharacters that are over 1 year but under 2. Expected to select a path to study and find an Underboss (mentor) to train them. If they do not select a path or cannot find a mentor, one will be selected for them.

HellionChildren under 1 year old.

ErasedNew members that aren't trusted yet, captives, slaves, servants, etc