Along the western side of Waterfall Peak the mountain suddenly sheers off in a dramatic and jagged ridge leading right into the ocean. Rain and ice have carved away the softer stone leaving fine, eerie ridges of solid earth. Atop some pillars stand ebony stones and volcanic soil capable of growing small evergreen trees and rare herbs. Mist and fog roll in from the ocean in the mornings and evenings making the treacherous landscape even more dangerous. Only the most skilled navigators and determined healers bother to explore this alien landscape that looks like it belongs more on the moon than on earth. (Open to Master Navigators) No evidence of activity found.
Lunar Ridge

An impressive display of slate grey cliffs rise out of the ground here, forming a large, bleak mountain. It rarely freezes over completely outside of Winter, but the stone peaks are quite desolate and foreboding no matter what time of year it is. There are only a few safe routes up the mountain, and even when you reach the peak of the falls you find there is no way to reach the top. The water, flowing from the north, is bitingly cold, but extra fresh and clear. Below the stone mountain, the terrain is typically heavy with foliage, except for where the waterfall pools into a small lake, forming a natural stone basin.


Waterfall Peak

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