Just outside the darkness of Locus Obscuro, if one were to pay special attention to the darkened entrance, they might find an oddly flat surface in the rock face. A small plaque outside the door reads "Tealah Co. Bunkers and Systems." If one was able to make it past the door, however, they will be rewarded with entry to the bunker. This massive system of square rooms seems to have been build for a larger scale survival. It also, however, seems untouched. One main room is filled with comfortable furnishings and tables of all sorts. The layout past the main room is a long, outstretching hallway with rooms on either side. Some rooms are open while others remain closed. The hall is barren of any color with only slots for ventilation etched in the ceiling. In most of the rooms, there are many storage compartments, a small desk, and a bed. Common and rare herbs, wrappings, and other healing supplies are often stored in tall, locked cabinets. Traps and tools of various sorts are tucked away under counters. Beneath the traps, small vials poisons both herbal and synthesized are kept in small amounts. Every several rooms, there is a larger, common room of sorts with a sink, wooden dining table and chairs, and pantry filled with a variety of MREs. There are about five common rooms total and twenty bedrooms total. At the very end of the hall, there appears to be stairs that once led outside. The air from the vents here smells similar to the grassy areas of the South. It's only too bad there is no way out in this direction and any intruders are forced to turn back and exit through Locus Obscuro. (Open to Intermediate and above Hunters) No evidence of activity found.
Tea's Bunker

Meaning 'dark room', Locus Obscuro is a room that entirely lacks light. Positioned beneath the Northern Mines, accessible from the various mine tunnels that run through the mountains, not a splash of light is allowed into this dark chamber. Bats frequent here, as well as blind rats, spiders, and other creatures of the night. The lack of sight enhances the senses of sound and touch, but remaining here long can result in temporary - and eventually permanent - blindness. The room includes a single small entrance that a wolf must crawl through leading into an overwhelmingly large cavern of numerous obstacles such as stalactites and stalagmites.


Locus Obscuro

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