Ardent Wolf RPG - Tojo-kai


One’s act, one’s profit.

Tojo-kai is a closed borders pack led by Hattori Hanzo.
Mind your business and we will mind ours.

General Rules

• Hattori’s word is law. Don’t like it, leave. It’s a soft dictatorship though, if there are grievances members are encouraged to reach out and speak to him. His clan memembers are just that, allies and friends, discussions are encouraged but arguements are not.

• Be civil and polite. Clan members are expected to work out issues amongst themselves. How it's sorted out doesn't matter, just don’t leave resentment to fester and don't make personal problems Hattori’s problem.

• Koi wolves come from a small region that's inspired by feudal Japan, often referred to as Nihon or Nippon. Those who aren't familiar with the homeland and its culture are expected to make an effort to try to learn and integrate themselves into the clan, to learn the language and adapt to their way of life. That being said, non-koi members aren’t held in lower esteem. Long as they’re vouched for by a trusted member and pull their weight, there's a place for everyone.

• No alliances, no diplomacy and no outside trade. The Tojo clan strives to be self-sufficient and secretive. Resources that can’t be hunted, gathered or crafted by the clan are obtained via raids. That being said, Hattori is cordial with most outsiders and expects to be treated as such in return. Tojo has few enemies, but those who've earned their ire usually deserve it.

• Members aren’t contained to the clan lands and can come and go freely. Beyond the bamboo individuals represent themselves and not the clan as a whole, so don’t start anything you can’t finish alone and do not spill pack info. Can’t really be a secret society if everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors.

• Visitors and invited guests aren’t allowed within the Maze. What happens in the bamboo, stays in the bamboo. Visitors and those who have left the clan may be offered temporary quarters/ residence in the Ancient Oaks depending on Hattori's judgement. Regardless of the territory, trespassers are to be attacked on sight and run the risk of being maimed or claimed.

• Litters are allowed-preferably from koi bloodlines- but that is not an excuse to breed without restraint. Sexual advances towards minors, relatives and the unconsenting will not be tolerated in any circumstance. Members of the clan may not take a mate who is unwilling to join our ranks. This is to limit the possibility of a mixed allegiance, if they won’t join then you must leave. OOC: litters will only be restricted if/when too close to the memeber cap.

Pack Information


• Bamboo, both raw and crafted. E.g. paper, textiles, charcoal, furniture, fencing, tatami, ropes, etc.
• Fish and marine mammal meat.
• Seaweed, bamboo shoots and rice.
• Teas and spices.
• Traditional Japanese weaponry.

Territory Information

Bamboo Maze
In a hidden corner of the maze, near the centre but a little to the west, lies the dojo. It is neat and orderly, the floor is lined with tatami mats that are regularly swept and maintained. Weapon racks, training dummies are available should they be required, but the area has a deliberate, minimalist design, as is traditional. The bamboo trees surrounding the dojo are regularly trimmed, with overhanging branches and leaves pruned back in order to keep the area clear. Wolves are expected to clean up after themselves when training in the dojo.

Deep within the maze lies the centre, a spacious glade that serves as the clan’s main communal space. It’s one of the few spots within the maze-other than the gardens and a few slim corridors-that has open access to the sky, so the grass, wildflowers and various other plants grow tall and numerous. Tatami cushions circle the firepit in the middle of the space, a cast iron pot rests upon a metal grate with water boiling near constantly and tea cups at paw for those who are thirsty. Meetings are usually held here, but it also is a pleasant enough place to mingle with clan mates.

Manatee Bay
Manatee Bay serves as the clan's fishery and seaweed farm. A pair of floating bamboo bridges extend across the bay, with a wide net hanging in between to prevent predators from helping themselves to Tojo’s stock. Various fishing supplies, such as spears and netting are all kept within reach and stored in the few shacks dotted by the shore.Tojo’s fisher wolves have also taken up residence in these shacks, since they spend most of their time working out here. Fish caught in the bay are either salted and dried in the bay on racks, or eaten raw. Further inland, on the stretch of flat terrain angled north towards the Oaks, are the clan's rice paddies. The dug out trenches are filled with water and are home to freshwater fish, such as koi carp.

The Ancient Oaks
As the most recently claimed territory, it is also the least frequented. Mainly used as hunting grounds and barrier against the expansive Auster wilderness, several lookout posts are dotted about the territory and take full advantage of the ancient and sturdy trees as vantage points. Hallowed out fallen oaks are used as temporary residences for visitors, they’re comfortable enough and provide shelter from the elements, but aren’t overly luxurious. After all, guests don’t tend to stay long.

Pack Events

Tojo-kai doesn’t have any official events or festivals, but it does have random pack events that take place once every season.

In short, Ardy bot will select a prompt from a list and I will post the starter with Hattori. Larger, more serious events, such as the siege, will always be posted in pack news and are rare, the plot will be preplanned out of character, but the outcome depends on in character actions and sometimes RNG. If a planned pack event is taking place that season, there won’t be a random one and vice versa. Pack events will always take place within Tojo territory and are exclusively for clan members only. Participation isn’t mandatory but highly encouraged! Unless specified, there won’t be deadlines for these thread nor a posting order.

Submit any prompt ideas to Ali, along with any suggestions or questions you might have.

Current Pack Event:

Auster Summer, Year 20

Grave of the Fireflies

Auster Spring, Year 20

Lots and lots of kittens!


Armada Impartial
○ Hattori holds some degree of respect for Sirius and somewhat understands the bitter feelings that are cast his way.

Avalon Impartial
○ Hattori watched the pack claim take place in Monument Rapids. After speaking with Corbie he has decided he finds her quite agreeable, and can relate to what her pack stands for.

Elysium Impartial
○ Hattori is now aware of this pack, having spoken to his daughter who resides there. As well as the fact one of his grandchildren will be heir to the throne.

The Hallows Impartial
○ Hattori holds no negativity towards the Hallows. Back when Ashen mock raided them, he noted Artorias' performance in the fights and believes he is a talented warrior.

Hellborn Impartial
○ Hattori is aware of this pack and watched the pack claim, but has not spoken to Widow personally, nor particularly cares to.

Hemlock Impartial
○ Hattori is aware his granddaughter now leads this pack, he likes them well enough.

Insomnia Impartial
○ Hattori is aware of this pack and has met Medusa before, she isn't to his tastes but has no outright quarrel with her.

Obscura Unknown
○ Hattori is unaware of the change of leadership.

Polaris Impartial
○ Hattori has met their alpha, Haydee and is grateful for the care Ethne provided Celeste after she was attacked. Interactions with this pack are cordial.

Raider's Hollow Tense
○ Hattori is not overly keen on the Raiders, but he is more tolerant of Modesty. Gilgamesh on the other hand...

The Syndicate Impartial (ish)
○ Hattori learned about the Norad take over via Artorias. What he's heard hasn't painted them in a positive light.




Head of the clan and patriarch of the Hattori family.

FujinWife of the Kaicho and mistress of the bamboo.

Nidaime Clan heir.

TaichoHigh ranking clan warriors, some of the best the clan has to offer. Share similar responsibilities to their underlings, but this title carries more prestige and expectations.

Yakuzaishi The Clan's lead healer.

Kyureta The Clan's cultural leader. Expert on all things koi. Helps organise festivals and oversees general daily affairs.

OnmitsuWanderers and watchers of the outside world. Knower of things

Hohei Rank and file footsoldier. Tasked with raiding, maintaining borders and defending against intruders. Strong warriors are a necessity to protect the sanctity of the clan's secrets.

Kariudo The packs hunters and fisherwolves.

Isha Clan healers.

Shokunin Clan craftsmen and women.

Ryoko-shaClan scouts and navigators.

ChinpiraLow ranking subordinates. Tend to be newer members of the clan who haven’t found a place for themselves. Expected to pull their weight like everyone else.

AtotsugiThe Kaicho's offspring

Kobun Children of the Clan.

FuryoThose caught trespassing or with a debt to members of the clan. Tolerated at best and outright shunned at worst. Tasked with duties no one else wants to do.