Ardent Wolf RPG - Tojo-kai


One’s act, one’s profit.

General Rules

• Hattori’s word is law. Don’t like it, leave. It’s a soft dictatorship though, if there are grievances members are encouraged to reach out and speak to him. He’ll see what can be done, but don’t make demands and try not to hold your breath.

• Be civil and (mostly) polite. Clan members are expected to work out issues amongst themselves. How it's sorted out doesn't matter, just don’t leave resentment to fester and don't make personal problems Hattori’s problem.

• Japanese is the official clan language. Those who can’t speak it are expected to make an effort to try to learn and integrate themselves into the clan. That being said, non-koi members aren’t held in lower esteem. Long as they’re vouched for by a trusted member and pull their weight, there's a place for everyone.

• No alliances, no diplomacy and no outside trade. The Tojo clan strives to be self-sufficient and secretive. Resources that can’t be hunted, gathered or crafted by the clan are obtained via raids. It’s us vs them.

• Members aren’t contained to the clan lands and can come and go freely. Beyond the bamboo individuals represent themselves and not the clan as a whole, so don’t start anything you can’t finish alone and do not spill pack info. Can’t really be a secret society if everyone knows what goes on behind closed doors.

• Visitors and invited guests aren’t allowed within the Maze. What happens in the bamboo, stays in the bamboo. All events and festivals are held in Manatee Bay. Regardless of the territory, trespassers are to be attacked on sight and run the risk of being maimed or claimed.

• Litters are allowed-preferably from koi bloodlines- but that is not an excuse to breed without restraint. Sexual advances towards minors, relatives and the unconsenting will not be tolerated in any circumstance. Members of the clan may not take a mate who is unwilling to join our ranks. This is to limit the possibility of a mixed allegiance, if they won’t join then you must leave.

The Maze

The main heart of Tojo, the Bamboo Maze is a fortress.

The Bay

Serves as Tojo's fishery and seaweed farm.

The Oaks

Out of all three territories, the Oaks are the least used but patrolled and marked all the same. It acts primarily as a hunting ground.




KaichoHead of the clan and patriarch of the Hattori family.

Kumicho Appointed to oversee the clan in the Kaicho’s stead if he’s away or indisposed. Keeps stock of the clan's resources and acts as a trusted advisor. Their word carries a lot of weight.

Nidaime Clan heir.

TaichoHigh ranking clan warriors, some of the best the clan has to offer. Share similar responsibilities to their underlings, but this title carries more prestige and expectations.

Yakuzaishi The Clan's lead healer.

Kyureta The Clan's cultural leader. Expert on all things koi. Helps organise festivals and oversees general daily affairs.

OnmitsuWanderers and watchers of the outside world. Knower of things

Hohei Rank and file footsoldier. Tasked with raiding, maintaining borders and defending against intruders. Strong warriors are a necessity to protect the sanctity of the clan's secrets.

Kariudo The packs hunters and fisherwolves.

Isha Clan healers.

Shokunin Clan craftsmen and women.

Ryoko-shaClan scouts and navigators.

ChinpiraLow ranking subordinates. Tend to be newer members of the clan who haven’t found a place for themselves. Expected to pull their weight like everyone else.

Kobun Children of the Clan.
Morganna II

FuryoThose caught trespassing or with a debt to members of the clan. Tolerated at best and outright shunned at worst. Tasked with duties no one else wants to do.