Azrael Saxefull name
3 Yearsage
Winter of Year 17birthdate
Extra largesize
Lawful Evilalignment


Swathes of inky black blend with seas of rich deep amethyst highlighted with accents of dark violet to make this handsome brute's coat. Simple, yet sophisticated and dripping of high quality breeding, he is unmistakably Saxe in appearance.


Azrael's eyes are a misty, pale sage green color, standing in stark contrast to his dark fur. There is something almost sinister in the way his slate green gaze stares out at the world—or at you.


The brute boasts a well-balanced form—planes of taut, toned muscle ripple beneath his plush coat. Well built and firm, but not bulky or stocky, with the physique of a martial artist rather than a body builder or a sprinter. He looks more than capable to grapple and manhandle someone, but still able to run a marathon and outpace his prey at a dead sprint.


The Saxe brute speaks in a smooth and silky baritone, his words like velvet flowing off his silver tongue. Every syllable is spoken with the casual confidence of a man who knows who he is and what he wants from you. That velvety quality can quickly turn into a cold sharpness when he wants to make his point known.


Along with his natural masculine musk, Azrael's scent carries alluring notes of coconut, sandalwood, tobacco, and smoked vanilla, giving the brute a mildly sweet, exotic scent about him.
– The Inquisitor –

Sadistic - Narcissistic - Deviant - Controlling - Charismatic - Intelligent - Whimsical

I love my unofficial title, because I've earned it

Azrael is best described as a wolf committed to being unapologetically himself. The brute lives life to the fullest, only finding true satisfaction when fully indulging himself in his passions. Unfortunately for everyone else, his passions include rather macabre predispositions. Azrael is an exceedingly good intelligence gatherer, usually obtaining his information through enhanced interrogations. His keen senses, insight, and intuition make him an exceptionally good inquisitor, and his skills in both hunting and healing allow him to not only track down his prey, but to masterfully and precisely know how to inflict the most amount of anguish without risking his subjects flatlining. Azrael is ruthless and relentless in his means, and displays sadistic tendencies when performing his work. He even finds his duties arousing.

Oooh, that's a bingo!

For all the macabre that he is though, Azrael is also surprisingly whimsical. With quirky habits and mannerisms, especially in the way he speaks, there's an almost playful quality to the way the Saxe brute struts through life. It is almost as if life itself is one big game to the brute. He smiles and makes pleasant conversations through his interrogations. He lets his dark humor shine without reservation and enjoys playing games of wits and senses. It's not uncommon to witness the brute committing horrific and violent acts with a smile on his face or whistling a tune as if it's the most mundane task. Perhaps it's his nonchalant and often even positive attitude to which he approached his depravity with that is the most chilling aspect of Azrael.

A silver tongue is the key to every lock

Without a doubt, Azrael's greatest assets are his charisma and his intellect. Both charming, witty, and undeniably fiendish, there's a devilish charm to this brute that lures you in. He has a manner of beguilement and allure that allows him to extract a confession and make a fae swoon with the same tone of voice. He knows how and when to put on the charm and use it for his interests and isn't the type to take no for an answer. A lecherous creature by nature, Azrael enjoys indulging in the fairer sex quite a bit—though be warned, his tastes are anything but vanilla, and the possessive bastard will likely try to add you to his collection of toys if he finds he likes you.

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