Cifarelli Kieran Saxefull name
Satan, Cifar, Black Plaguenicknames
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Chaotic Evilalignment
Polyamorous, Heterosexualsexuality
The Syndicatepack

Cifarelli is night-dark, an elusive shadow unlike his parents, and grows darker still at the ears, with jet-black stocking crawling up his legs, making dark wings on his back and smudging his nose. While leaving two eyebrow like black marks above his eyes. The deep, red pigments always seem to reflect his every thought and emotion. Glowing a deep orange under the moonlight. Ultimately inheriting his bloodline's intimidating stature.

He is not a slight creature, either. He cuts an extra large and imposing figure, all broad shoulders and toned muscles from a life of hard work and harder living. He’s in good shape from the constant traveling. His fur, often thick and coarse, is slightly fluffier now - it’ll take awhile for his winter coat to shed.

Cifarelli is handsome - or, rather, he would be. He’s been cursed with Resting Bitch Face™ and it leaves him always looking stern and serious. When he smiles, it's quite charming and unusually beautiful in a creepy way. His voice a deep coated baritone with just the right amount of rumbling to it.


Unpredictable » What he does in any moment is simply upon his own whims, or so it would seem. Sometimes his actions surprise even himself. He acts in the now rather than thinking of the future.

Hot-headed » Quick to lash out, quick to snarl. Not as quick to actually fight. He will shout his disdain from safety while he calculates his attack.

Calculative » Though his behavior can be unpredictable, he is calculative most of the time. In some cases, he will act on impulse and lose control of this resolve but given the chance - he'll think an action through before devoting himself to it.

Loner » Others interest him only so much. Small, pretty, dark females are a favorite... outside of that, he holds no friends. Most don't feel they can trust him. It's easier to not be hurt if you don't care.

Adventurous » The world is his oyster. He goes where he pleases, when he pleases. Whether alone or with a temporary companion, he is always moving from one place to the next. It is hard to tie him down to one spot.

Outlaw » His ideas of morals and taboos are not the same as yours. See above - he goes and does what he pleases. Territory is a foreign concept to him. Though, usually, he can talk his way out of a confrontation.

Charismatic » Though he does not favor the company of others, his words are like sweet honey. He is well versed in talking his way around, into, and out of conversations. He's quick to admit his wrongdoing (whether he believes it or not) if it will avoid an altercation, he'd rather not be part of.

Thieving » Again, he does and goes where he wants... he also takes what he wants. Whether this is food, objects, or other wolves... Cifarelli doesn't care.

Selfish » Those things he does take become his. He holds a claim to them, and no one is permitted to touch them. They are his precious and he will either destroy anything harming them or want to try.

Narcissistic » Only Cifarelli and the Saxe family matters. Who else? No one. His feelings, his desires, his wants, his needs. It is rare to find him in a situation where he lends himself to the will of others other than his family.

Devoted » Ah, yes, he is devoted. Devoted to his family, feelings, to his emotions, to the sun and the stars and the sky. He is devoted to where his paws take him and to the skin of his back. So too is he devoted to the wolves who can wiggle their way into his cold heart. There, they might find something other than what he shows on the surface as they earn this devotion in kind. This, though, is a rare part of him not seen by many.

Cannibal » Well... meat is meat, darling.


Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 1
Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Female, 25”, Saw-Skinned Snake n/a
Height/Height Reduction Pass (In Inches) Height/Height Reduction Pass (In Inches) Allows for a character to either have height or height reduction. Purchase is per inch. n/a 2
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