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Autumn of Year 18birthdate
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Dressed in swaths of royal blues and dark blacks, Rogue looks to be a perfect imitation of a clear night sky. His fur is speckled with dots of stark white, giving him the appearance of being covered in constellations and stars. Atop his forehead, two dots of white adorn his crown, the only other markings on his endless sea of navies and blacks.


Borrowing from his mother's own hypnotic jewels, Rogue's eyes are a rich and vivid violet-red, mimicking a vibrant twilight sunset. His irises are lighter towards the edges growing darker the closer they get to the pupils. Sharp and keen, these eyes are usually seen gazing out at the world with an air of confidence and the daring of a madman.


Much like his sire, Rogue is an anatomical paragon for lupine physique. Clad in lean muscle that ripples taut beneath his skin, one glance is all it takes to confirm the male's athletic build. With his lifestyle of physical activity, maintaining his perfect body is high on the male's list of importance.


Once more drawing from his father, Rogue speaks with a mid-tone baritone voice, though his lilting laugh is something much more akin to his mother. His whispers and lower tones are rough and husky, with a distinctive gravel to them. As a pup, his voice will be much more high pitched, but will gradually deepen and level out as he goes through his adolescence.


Living his life between the southern sea and the wooded lake, Rogue's natural musk is accented with notes of cypress and cedar, sea salt, and pine resin.

Unique Attributes

Due to a mutation at birth, Rogue was born with porcupine quills in his scruff like his mother, however his are made entirely of black diamond, creating a sharp yet beautiful display hidden within his scruff that bristle when he gets angry or in combat. In addition to his quills, Rogue also possesses sets of black diamond claws on all four paws; beautiful, elegant, and deadly weapons. appearance

– A Debonair Casanova –

Charming - Flirtatious - Confident - Proud - Reckless

Rogue is a bit of a mini-me when it comes to personality traits he adopted from his parents. Carrying his sire's smug and self-assured confidence, the Klein prince lives in a world built around his family and their empire. The power and acclaim that comes with his family name makes the boy certain and bold, fearing nothing and daring to do anything at least twice. From his mother, he retains a sense of importance and nobility, truly living up to his position as prince of Ashen. The signature Klein smirk doesn't look out of place on his face, nor is the snark or sarcasm he seems fluent in from birth, and he wears his name and his pride with a cool and laidback sense of self, like the cool kid on the playground.

Though his family plays a critical role in Ardent's history, Rogue knows he will likely never be put in any role of responsibility or leadership, and this allows him to indulge in all the other pleasures and privileges that come with notoriety. A shameless flirt and playboy, Rogue takes after his sire in his love for the pursuit of a good time with a pretty lady. From a young age, he will crave the attention of the fairer sex, often leading to him acting in brahs and reckless feats to garner their affections. As he gets older, that rakish behavior will manifest in many flings, one-night-stands, and nights of passion he can get his paws on. Why not feel good when you're living the high life? Rogue will likely not be one to settle down for a steady relationship, preferring instead to act the part of the stud to whomever is lucky enough to bed the prince.

Despite his often lackadaisical or carefree nature, Rogue is not one to demean or belittle what he has been given. He realizes he is privileged and that he takes advantage of it, and because of that he tries to remain down to earth. He does not follow the belief that the Klein wolves are more akin to gods than mortals, nor is he under the illusion that he's invincible. He's just out looking for a good time, whether that's a high octane brawl, a spirited race, an adventure to undiscovered lands, or a night wrapped up in booze, drugs, and women. No matter what though, he refuses to do anything that will tarnish his family's name or his pride, and he would sooner die before bringing harm to any of his family or his pack. A fast friend and loyal brother, Rogue is one you can count on to have your back through thick and thin.

The greatest mistake you could make would be to underestimate this Klein wolf. For all his prodigal ways, Rogue does not do anything half way. When he is invested, he is 100% in to do-or-die. Capturing his attention might be a challenge, but losing it will be impossible once he's committed to something. At the end of the day, Rogue is that friend in high places you'll want in your corner. personality

Possessions / Companions / Mutations


Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Full Abnormal Color Full Abnormal Color Allows a character's base color to be something unnatural. n/a 1
Event Mutation Event Mutation An event-gained mutation. Black diamond scruff quills (Defensive) n/a
Event Mutation Event Mutation An event-gained mutation. Black diamond retractable claws mutation (Offensive) n/a
Large Companion Large Companion [NR] [NT] Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Male northern sparrowhawk, 26" n/a
Large Companion Large Companion [NR] [NT] Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Female golden jackal, 18" n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive [NR] [NT] A defensive battle accessory. Hardened leather bracers. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive [NR] [NT] An offensive battle accessory. A smooth obsidian dagger with a polished ebony wood handle, made from the leftover igneous rocks from the volcanic eruption. n/a
[NR] indicates a non-refundable item; [NT] indicates a non-transferable item.
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