Rakia Perreaufull name
(Ruh-Kai-uh) Kianicknames
2 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 18birthdate
Neutral Evilalignment
Demisexual Panromanticsexuality

Rakia is lithe and graceful, her body exuding femininity in every movement. Her coat is a breathtaking blend of creamy white, soft gray, and delicate shades of pink that seem to glow in the sunlight. The edges of her darker fur are highlighted with subtle hints of rose gold, giving her an ethereal appearance. Her face is angular and defined, with a sleek black nose and piercing icy blue eyes that seem to see straight into your soul. Darker markings frame her bright gaze, adding depth and intensity to her already striking features. Despite her slender build, Rakia's body is strong and sturdy, built for agility and speed. Her legs are muscular and well-built, the front ones slightly darker than the rest of her coat but blending seamlessly into the overall color scheme. But perhaps most eye-catching is Rakia's tail, thick and bushy with predominantly white fur and a black tip that sways gracefully behind her as she moves. Overall, Rakia radiates power and grace in equal measure, a truly stunning creature to behold.


Rakia is a pragmatic character who excels at whatever she sets out to do. Quick to think on her feet, she anticipates the moves of others and uses her social aptitude to her advantage. She understands the complexities of emotion and how to leverage that knowledge to achieve her goals. Rakia can easily read most situations and always seems to know what to do or say to put others at ease and win their trust. She knows how to appear caring and considerate and skillfully portrays interest in those around her.

That being said, Rakia can cut off personal feelings that stand in the way of what she wants. She thinks in terms of collateral damage, willing to leave bodies behind to get what she desires. Her "friendships" are based on exchanges of power and influence rather than transparency and honesty. It is difficult to trust her, as there is always doubt about whether her words, actions, and emotions are genuine or fabricated.

Rakia's emotional detachment allows her to navigate devastating circumstances that might overwhelm a more well-adjusted individual. Decisions that others find difficult due to personal involvement are simple for her, as she lacks emotional attachments. In tense or emotional situations, Rakia can be a steady voice, bringing things back under control. She is responsible, prepared, and provides solid counsel to those whose judgment is clouded. Rakia quickly assesses problems and lays out options in a matter-of-fact way, avoiding messy emotional ties.

Her detachment, however, means she may be incapable of connecting on a deeply emotional level with others, leading to superficial relationships. She lacks genuine empathy and may feel nothing during traumatic events. Rakia assesses the odds of success and sticks with what makes sense, avoiding big dreams or risky goals.

Hardworking and determined, Rakia refuses to give up easily. Where others see roadblocks, she sees hurdles to maneuver. Her great focus and single-mindedness enable her to succeed at her goals. She thinks ahead, prepares, and then acts, taking control of her own destiny. Always seeking to improve herself and her standing, Rakia can be relied upon as long as you are working toward a shared goal. She looks at the big picture rather than immediate interests, taking care of problems before they occur to avoid fallout from a lack of preparation and foresight.

Even still, her goals always come first, especially above her few fleeting relationships and other priorities. When ethics and success become incompatible, achieving her goal always wins out. Rakia can usually predict trouble and will avoid it in advance, which makes her struggle with those who can't do the same. She tends to unfairly judge others, and her high standards and expectations don't differentiate between minor details and big-picture things, which can easily strain her fleeting relationships with others.


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