Shima Kuroofull name
6 Yearsage
Spring of Year 15birthdate
Neutral Goodalignment
Bunni player

fisherwolf ☀ koi-descent ☀ masculine

scent: vanilla, bergamot, sea salt
voice: Kisho Taniyama, specifically Jean Kirstein from Attack on Titan
eye color: sweet pea pink #d49fb1
nose/paw pad color: dark liver, left rear paw pads are pale gray
base coat: mauve is the closest color description one can get to describing kuroo's base coat. not quite purple, but also not quite grey, it depends mostly on what lighting you see him in.
markings: his markings are a bit more difficult to explain. covering his front paws and some splotches on his hip, armpits, tail, and facial area is a dark grey/liver color that matches his nose and paw pads. after that is a medium grey striping that can be found on his right front paw, rear ankles, over his shoulders, and around his cheeks. the most obvious marking is the palest grey that is almost white, that covers a majority of his body such as the tip and base of his tail, his left rear paw, random splotching over the main areas of his body, a speckled and broken up mask over his face, his right ear tip, and almost his whole left ear. he has been described as a "splotchy, striped piebald."
build: kuroo is not the tallest wolf, nor is he the shortest. he is also not the burliest wolf, but also not the thinnest. one could say he is an average, well-built wolf with good posture and toned muscles. he likes to keep his front claws a tad longer than normal for assistance with his fishing and hunting.
differences: na
scars/maims: na


☀ if there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water ☀

protective of his emotions there's no easy way to put this other than kuroo does not like to open himself up to others. while he is friendly, kind, and open, he also is extremely reserved and cautious when it comes to having romantic feelings. he very afraid of getting hurt and tries to avoid that at all costs.

gentle kuroo has not a single mean bone in his body. just the thought of insulting someone else pains him. even when he hunts or fishes, he will take care of his kills as best as possible so not to disrespect their remains.

kind kindness is a default trait in kuroo. it does not matter who you are, what you've done, where you have been, kuroo will be nice to you. he believes the best in everyone until given a reason and even then, he will probably still be nice to you.

emotional one thing about roo is that he can be... moody. especially when it comes to his brother and family, he takes a lot of things to heart which can lead to his feelings getting unnecessarily hurt.

extroverted kuroo loves making friends and he is not afraid to approach a stranger! a bit chatty, somewhat goofy, and overall a good friend, he never misses a chance to meet someone new.

optimistic quite the opposite of his brother, usagi, kuroo is the optimistic one. he is the brightness of the sun that always sees good days ahead of him. no situation is bad when he is around because he will find a way to make it good.

abstinate this trait means more than romantic meanings. kuroo, unlike many, has no interest in drinking or drugs and will probably never partake. he sees no reason to inhibit his senses and act like a fool.

loyal this should be of no surprise to anyone. almost ignorantly loyal, kuroo will sometimes be misled by others who he trusts too much.

hard-working anyone who knows kuroo, knows that he never stops working. sun up to sun down, this man is at the water, fishing to his heart's content. preferring to use his paws to keep himself busy, he often doesn't take a day off.

COMPANION 1: Saru, 12" Gold-headed Lion Tamarin Female
OTHER: misc

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Male golden-headed lion tamarin, 12" n/a
Specialty Unlock Specialty Unlock [NR] [NT] Unlocks a 2nd specialty slot permanently. Usable once a skill is fully mastered. n/a n/a
[NR] indicates a non-refundable item; [NT] indicates a non-transferable item.
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