Ochitsuki Ishiifull name
Ochi, Itsukinicknames
5 Yearsage
Winter of Year 14birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment

Grace drips from the woman's sleek frame. Ochi is a runner, her legs stretching on forever. The fae is svelte and streamlined, built to run and run and never stop. Her coat is silken, the proof of good breeding and expert care. Ears and muzzle are delicately tapered and there is no mistaking Ochitsuki for anything other than a highborn woman.

Ochitsuki is a proud woman and she does nothing to hide the fact. She holds herself tall, head high as befitting her station. Some may feel as though she's looking down on them, and she quite possibly could be. Those who don't know the woman personally might feel as though she's rather cold thanks to her piercing gaze. One eye is the color of glacial ice while the other shares its shade with the warm of a burning evening sun.

Shades of black, white and grey spatter the woman's back and sides. The entirety of her silken tail is purest midnight ink. A delicate mask of black and grey settles on the fae's face, enhancing her vibrant gaze. All four paws are snow white, the pads being pale grey, mottled with darker grey. An oddity, something passed down through her line of Koi marked wolves, Ochi has opposable thumbs and dexterous digits.

Strong- Independent- Stoic- Secretive- Graceful- Talented- Diplomatic- Fierce- Quick witted-

There is no mistaking Ochitsuki for anything other than a learned woman. She will share her knowledge with others upon being asked. Should the topic be one that she's well versed in, Ochi can come off as rather haughty. Some might even call her 'Holier-than-thou' after listening to her speak. The woman simply is the no-nonsense type. She doesn't add fluff to her speech. She doesn't alter her manner of speaking to save someone's feelings. The fae's manner is clinical and precise. She is straight to the point, always.

Within Ochitsuki there is always a fire burning. The woman is passionate and fierce when it comes to her beliefs and when it comes to those that fall within her protection. Past failure has made the fae strong. She practices every day, honing her body and skill so that those close to her will never fall victim to others ever again.

The monochromatic fae is very guarded. Very few have gotten past the lady's walls in the entirety of her life. She will be civil with others, friendly even, but seeing who she really is will be a rarity. A mask in place that never slips, only one left alive has seen her other than the beast that she was turned into.

A secretive woman, Ochitsuki requires time to herself and she makes no apologies for this. She is not a social butterfly though she's capable of being very diplomatic, having grown up with the hopes of being an ambassador for her clan. For three hours each morning, the woman goes off on her own. She does not miss a day, rain or shine. Sickness or health, she steals away and will tell no one the reason why.
Mutations- Dexterous Digitsmisc

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