Cryptis Kleinfull name
1 Yearage
Summer of Year 18birthdate
Extra smallsize
Chaotic Neutralalignment
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Now the dark begins to rise

Base: The base of this wolf is swathed in shadows. A rich, deep hue that engulfs the majority of her body. With hints of lighter, silvery tones like the depths of shadows beneath the shade it's a tone that makes her utterly at home in the night. The lighter tones linger mostly within her neck, shoulders, and across her back in the shape of a shadow. Lastly, the end tip of her tail. Her fur is dense, and soft to the touch, and a little thicker around the neck - despite living in a warmer climate.

Markings: Her markings come in a dull-gold tone that brush across her hunches, and ring along one upper leg in the shape of a band. Most strikingly, the burnt gold rests along her face. From nose to ear in a strange pattern.

Save your breath, it's far from over

Shy: Shy by nature, she prefers to observe the world from a distance, finding comfort in the background. Yet, beneath her reserved exterior lies an insatiable curiosity that drives her to explore the unknown. This will encourage and push her into wanting to overcome her fears and step into uncharted territories. Though the unknown holds a lot of fears for her, she refuses to let it stop her from pushing the boundaries of what she knows.

Quiet: She finds a quiet joy in the little things that others might overlook. Seeing the beauty in a blooming flower, or the paintbrush strokes of the evening sun. This ability to find wonder in simplicity allows her to appreciate the world's intricate details. It also perhaps makes her seem a little disconnected from the world around her. Her coping mechanisms for the curse that plagues her, as well as her shortness in a world full of giants.

Reclusive: She will find it difficult to love wolves outside of her immediate circle - which currently includes only her mother. Making her very dependent on Widow’s attention.


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