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Tira, Starnicknames
3 Yearsage
Summer of Year 16birthdate
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Chaotic Neutralalignment
Bisexual, polyamoroussexuality
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Satira's fur is a sea of blending tan and white, with speckles of gray and black across her face, left eye, ears, and front left paw. Her other three paws are dipped in a smoky gray, and a thick stripe of gray and black extends long her back from the base of her skull down to her rump. While seemingly random elsewhere, the black speckles on her left hip form the constellation Canis Major when connected. Her fur itself resembles her father's, exhibiting fluffier, thicker, silkier fur from her Collie genetics.


Satira's eyes are a gorgeous steel blue that seem to sparkle even brighter when in moon or starlight. These eyes are often seen gazing longingly at potential lovers or sizing up someone with skepticism.


Most of Satira's physique will show her pedigree from her mother's genes, the girl's body growing to be small and svelte, lithe and elegant, yet shapely with curves in all the right places. As a puppy, she will be plump with shorter legs, but she will grow and slim out over time with womanly curves, leaving no doubt that she is Aslatiel's daughter. Atop her crown, Satira's ears are a hallmark of her father's Collie heritage: flopped over at the midpoint and seem to bounce with every turn of her head.


Satira's voice is light, airy, with a melodic quality when she laughs. A delicate mezzo-soprano that is distinctly feminine, Satira's vocals fluctuate between higher pitches when excited or agitated and lower purrs and hums when speaking softly or seductively.


Satira's scent is unmistakably the sweet scent of night-blooming jasmine with hints of apple blossom, a delicate and feminine natural perfume to grace the little Fatalis princess with another alluring trait.

Unique Attributes

Hidden within Satira's paws are a set of razor-like feline claws, similar to her mother's and brother's. appearance

– A Sultry Renegade –

Charming - Opinionated - Sexual

Satira is quite literally a star. Charismatic and extroverted, there is little more that she adores than being the center of attention. She dominates a room and makes herself the life of the party. The more eyes on her the better! She's truly in her element entertaining a group or interacting with pack mates. She wears her pedigree with pride, bearing the Fatalis name like a medal of honor, and will never miss an opportunity to brag about her family's superiority.

Deep down, the girl is a bit of a narcissist. Rules made do not apply to her, though she happily uses them when they're in her favor. She is beautiful and she knows it, flaunting her looks and body to garner attention from brutes and faes alike. She lives for the attention and the touch of another, no matter how temporary. She can never be satisfied by one lover though and seldom feels actual love beyond physical attraction, always hungering for more attention. Satira loves being doted on and using her sexuality to bring others to their knees. She has no reservations about indulging those lusts and various kinks wherever she can, from being treated like a princess to being used like a whore and everything in between.

Along with her need for love and attention, Satira will grow to harbor a deeply hedonistic compulsion as she grows older. She lives for and chases the greatest highs she can get her paws on. Anything that can make her feel good, or experience pleasure, she is all for. Alcohol, drugs, sex, it's all she craves. In some ways, it's the only way she can feel true happiness. Secretly, she loves the loss of control that comes with it, giving herself up to the high and the euphoria. Her insatiable appetite with have her constantly pursuing those peaks, and nothing will ever seem to be enough to her.

Satira does not take no for an answer. If anyone she is playing with dares to try to deny her or turn her down, Satira can be ruthlessly vicious, using any means at her disposal to hurt the wrongdoer physically, mentally, or emotionally. This same merciless approach is also applied to anyone who tries to hurt or threaten her family. As the daughter of the Armada's Reaper, she looks up to Aslatiel's strength, and hopes to one day be as strong and independent as she is, both in body and in mind.

Despite her ego, Satira harbors a deep love for her family, particularly her big brother Arcturus, who acts as her protector for most of her childhood. Unlike him, she is not cold towards strangers, relishing in meeting new wolves and getting to know them. This same sociability will continue to grow as she does, becoming more outgoing as she becomes an adult. She is unafraid to speak her mind, and has no qualms with telling someone if something they say is stupid or they're wrong. If you meet Satira, she can either become your sweetest friend or a nasty enemy depending entirely on how you treat her.

Satira's Theme

Luna - Tennopersonality

Possessions / Companions / Mutations

Satira has a set of razor-sharp feline claws in her front paws, used for slashing and climbing trees. misc

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Canine Pass Canine Pass Allows creation of any species/hybrid that falls under the canine species. Border collie/wolf mix n/a
Height Reduction (In Inches) Height Reduction (In Inches) Allows a character reduced height under 23", max of 17" allowed via purchase. n/a 1
Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Feline claws (Offensive) n/a
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Female peregrine falcon, 43" n/a
Large Companion Large Companion [NR] [NT] Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Female clouded leopard, 22" n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. Leather leg wraps for her forelegs. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive An offensive battle accessory. A replica hidden blade based off the original design by Sirius. Satira has customized her hidden blade to include her family name inscribed upon the blade. n/a
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