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Onyx is a rather large woman standing at 40 inches tall almost level with her father.
Onyx has a medium fit frame, she takes training and staying fit seriously. But her body has a slim feminine look aside from her muscle tone.
Onyx has a rather stiff frame but she can be pretty on edge making her hackles raise and defensively overpowering when she feels the need.
Onyx has more of a cold, stale tone. It is extremely hard to make her show joy, in fact it has never happened before. Usually if she is impressed or caring for her family, she still carries a flat expression on her face. It is very easy for her to show distaste however, and it is immediately apparent if she doesn't doesn't like you or what you are doing.
Onyx's coat is flat and silky, but accustomed to the northern weather she was born in to with a thick down underneath.
Onyx's base color is a gradient of blues dark to light from top to bottom. Her dark blues range on a large portion of her face covering all of her muzzle, a point on her withers, and a spot top center of her tail. The fading gradient moves south to the lightest of her blues covering her legs, stomach, chest, and tail. Her white markings are easily eye catching while covering her paws and bridling up. The tips of her ears and tail are bother dipped with white as is a small portion of her chest. Her back is lined and almost striped with ivory markings. And for a final touch, she has a think ivory line that sparkles off into flakes just under her eyes and towards her cheeks.
Onyx's eyes are a crystal like light blue, her eyes are easily blended into the rest of her coloring but take a nice shine from the dark of her face and the white markings under her eye.
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Hex Codes
Dark Blue #013263 Medium Blue #3182c6 Light Blue #95c1e9 White #ffffff Eyes #93dbee


Stone Cold
Onyx can easily come off as unlikable. She cares little for other's problems and will not go out of her way to help others in need. She may feel inclined to a pack mate but not willingly or happily. She believes everyone should fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. She doesn't hide these thoughts either.
Onyx rarely ever speaks, even when she feels the need to intervene. She is much more in tune with non-verbal communication and would rather sit back and observe the situation. When she does speak, her sentences are rather short in few word parts and often because she is angry or feels she needs to get a point across.
Ending Iniquity
While Onyx doesn't necessarily care for the well being of others, she is extremely against those who abuse their power for silly demands or for those who make high ranking in the pack that are undeserving of the rank, basically didn't prove themselves in some way. She won't necessarily go around dethroning everyone, but if enough is done or she feels strongly about someone in a specific rank, she will not hesitate to challenge for it and put an end to their shenanigans or prove herself as worthy.
Blood Relations
Onyx can still be pretty stale or rude to her family members, but there is nothing she won't do for them. She would put her own life at risk to protect those of blood to her, and it may surprise even them in the event. She feels extremely close to her family, and while her emotions are pretty closed they would be the only ones able to know her for her, or maybe even understand a glimpse of what she's feeling.

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Onyx was born in Incendium from her mother Kirsi and her Father Song II along with her brothers Bronze and Hauyne and sisters Kyanite and Pyrite. She stays very loyal to her parents even if she seems rather grumpy and independent. She's pretty head strong and likes to bump heads with other young ones in the pack and even likes to practice her fighting skills on her siblings. She may feel tough and superior, but she is not open to seeing how inexperienced and vulnerable she is at her young age.
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Song Destruction IIFather
Spring Year 16
Song Destruction IIKirsi
Bronze DestructionBrother
Haüyne DestructionBrother
Kyanite DestructionSister
Pyrite DestructionSister
Extended Family
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Wolves I've Met and How I Feel About ThemWolves I've Met and How I Feel About Them
Song Destruction and KirsiFather and Mother
Onyx may seem like a spitfire, but is incredibly loyal to her parents and wouldn't do anything against their word as much as she may want to. As much as she thinks she's a strong, tough girl, she would heed the direction of either one of her parents.
Bronze Destruction, Haüyne Destruction, Kyanite Destruction, and Pyrite DestructionSiblings
While Onyx prefers to bump heads with others she doesn't know, she is incredibly attached to her family and would do anything to protect them, even if she doesn't tend to show her love for them very much if ever.


Advanced Fighter (80)
Beginner Intellectual (0)

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Onyx Destruction vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra large
Build: Medium
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Beginner Intellectual
Specialty: N/A


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