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Auðr Tryggfull name
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Standing at a pretty average 29 inches tall Auðr is maybe considered the runt of their litter, when surrounded by taller wolves it's easy enough to develop a bit of a Napoleon complex but somehow Auðr manages to hold themselves with a level of pride that doesn't really seem insecure. Auðr is almost lithe looking, delicate and they move with almost a sort of careful purpose, not a paw out of line.

Auðr's pelt is a sight to behold, plush, soft and wavey and clearly regularly groomed. Covered in earthy tones of browns, reds and blacks and greys, brown mostly covers their forehead and ears and a redder tone along their shoulders and back. A slate grey covers that tone on their back and runs along the back of their hindelegs. A smokey black colors their legs the tip of their tail and along their face and tops of their ears. All of these colors are broken by smatterings of white, as if they'd been dipped in it unevenly.

Intelligent blue eyes observe the world under that light brow.


The creature is stunning and they know it. But Auðr is not too proud, not too proud by any measure, in fact, they're almost a little ashamed of it. Though they are not by any stretch of the imagination shameful it's perhaps due to a more feminine appearance that they've learned to be more understated themselves. Auðr is the strategist, never the first to volunteer for the hard work and usually more than happy to sink into the background, but they are always thinking, always observing, always watching.

That's not to say they're always quiet, Auðr is not afraid to speak their mind, nor are they afraid to call others out whenever they see something wrong, and in particular can be rather critical of their siblings and family. Auðr always seems to know more about what's going on than they let on, but rarely seems to share it except for with Sanngriðr.

Paradoxically they seem to hold religion in higher esteem than their sisters, deferring to lessons and traditions when unsure of how to proceed, which if usually a pretty stressful time for Auðr, who's used to knowing, or believing at least that they know, everything. In such times they refer to religion for comfort, for guidance.

Maybe deep down, there is something more humanizing about them. They just wish to be accepted, they wish to feel valued, though the spotlight terrifies them in a way few can understand they do not wish to be forgotten or ignored.

While Auðr is capable of fathering litters they identify strictly as nonbinary with no further clarification, though probably closer to agender. They use and will respond to they/them pronouns only. misc

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