Asheila Carpathiusfull name
4 Yearsage
Summer of Year 15birthdate
Lawful Neutralalignment
The Hallowspack
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Ash stands at a medium height of 30 inches tall.
Ash is more thin than she is built but is overall just average in her physical appearance.
Ash typically stands more strong and royal but can instantly submit to an easily threatening wolf.
Ash has more gentle tones in her expression and also edges more on a level tone. She likes others to feel comfortable in her presence.
Ash's coat is very soft and fluffy looking and she maintains it pretty well.
Ash is a relatively dark base of black surrounding nearly her whole body and her ears. Her legs fade out from grey to light grey down to her toes and her chest, underbelly, and tail are gently coated in grey. Most of her head is grey aside from her muzzle and around her eyes that is a lighter grey. The side of her neck and along her back are feathered with grey highlights striking out from her dark pelt.
Ash's eye are a very light and bright blue that can even sometimes look more teal across her grey face.
None Currently
Hex Codes
Black #090909 Grey #666465 Light Grey #d3d2d2 Eyes #83e7d9
Quiet and Observative
Ash on first impressions can come off as pretty quiet and hard to get to know but she's actually quite easy to get to open up to if given a little time. She is quite social and engaging but does struggle some in confidence and self esteem. She can be easy to push around or guilt tripped because of the way she views herself.
Kind Hearted
While Ash is very attached to the rest of her family she is quick to help any stranger in need. She'd never want to see anyone in a bad situation because of her own history even in unrelated events. She is very generous when it comes to anything like hunting or helping someone find supplies they need or just helping out with other random tasks around her home. She is very reliable and always there when needed and sometimes there just at the right time.
Hidden Emotions
Ash is typically very sweet and calm but keeps her darker and more traumatic feelings to herself. She's easy to get to know or get close to, but it's hard for her to open up about these parts of her past. They tend to bear down on her until she can't contain them.
On To A Better Life
While Ash does suffer a lot from her past she tries hard to push past those feelings and look forward into a better future. She is often optimistic and tries to think of the best of things. And with that being said she wants nothing more than to please those around her and would do anything she can to make their lives easier even at the cost of her own happiness. Seeing those she cares about being happy outweighs her own life from her point of view.
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