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Seasonal Skill Prompts - Spring, Year 21



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Seasonal Skill Prompts

Each character can only complete ONE prompt per season, and can be completed either in a solo post or in a group thread. You cannot claim these posts for other skill points! Please note that as long as you complete the objectives, you're free to be creative with your posts and have some fun with these prompts!

For solo posts, you must complete the entire prompt in one post. Of course, you can use these posts as thread starters and continue the thread as usual, but no other skills may be claimed by you from that thread.

For group threads, the word count is cumulative and will be counted over all participants. However, participants must be ACTIVELY trying to complete the skill prompt for their words to count. Note that group threads have a maximum of 3 allowed participants unless otherwise specified.

Spring, Year 21 Seasonal Skill Prompts


Prey: Wolves are used to doing the hunting, not being the hunted... and especially not by an angry herbivore!
Goal: Face off against an angry herbivore who just won't leave you alone!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. You find yourself being followed or discovered by an angry herbivore.
2. Fight! Is fighting this non-predator different than fighting the usual combatant?
3. Make a plan and see it through. Do you fight them head on? Do you try to ambush them?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points


Fight or Flight: Often, a hunt doesn't end with a stealth kill. What happens when you're found out mid-hunt?
Goal: Try to stealthily hunt something, but you get caught- figure out how to proceed!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Begin a hunt!
2. Shoot! You get caught! Where did things go wrong?
3. Does the prey flee or fight? Are you still able to put dinner on the table?

Reward: 30 Hunting Skill Points


Spring Sneezes Bring...?: With pollen and weather changes, many wolves are feeling under the weather.
Goal: Diagnose or Treat a wolf with seasonal allergies/cold!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Find someone who is dealing with seasonal allergies or a seasonal cold
2. Go over your/their symptoms, and deduce what might be causing them.
3. Come up with a solution! Though it might not be a cure, surely there are things that can help? Or do we have to move the whole pack to avoid the pollen?

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points


Where the Worm Glows: Oh, worm!
Goal: Find those rare glow worms!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Shaded areas like dense vegetation, caves, etc.
1. Some worms are just worms, but others glow!
2. It seems like there's a lot of worms here and... did that one glow? Investigate!
3. Maybe while worm hunting, you discover where they live, what they eat, what makes them glow!

Reward: 30 Navigation Skill Points


Devil's Advocate: Playing Devil's advocate real quick, what if...
Goal: Get into a debate where you entertain an opinion differing from the norm!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Talk to someone.
2. Get into a hypothetical and take the opposing side, the opinion less traveled, all that.
3. See how the conversation goes- who wins the debate?

Reward: 30 Intellect Skill Points

BONUS PROMPT- Healing / Hunting

Only one bonus prompt per PLAYER allowed each season. A character can only complete ONE prompt a season, whether it be a bonus prompt or a regular prompt, unless otherwise specified.

By my Skin and my Teeth: Or was it the skin OF my teeth? What is the skin of a tooth...?
Goal: Often, animal parts are used in healing, from herb sacks to bone needles, but how are these stocks replenished?
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Decide what prey has the goods you need for healing related needs.
2. Track and hunt the prey.
3. Harvest and process the prey's resources into something that can be used in medicine.

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points and 30 Hunting Skill Points

Redeem prompts as usual in skill claims!