Hattori-Klein Hotatefull name
Spring of Year 19birthdate
Extra largesize
Chaotic Neutralalignment
Tate is an extra large wolf standing at 42 inches.
Tate while seeming mostly aloof and uncaring of what others think of him actually takes special care to keep exercised and toned. It may just seem like a natural trait to his rough attitude but it is the only physical part of him that he truly cares about when it comes to appearance.
Tate is typically a pretty laid back guy but if poked enough he will stand up to even an unnecessary threat no matter the opponent.
Tate is mostly a surly and sour guy, mostly unapproachable just by the typical scowl on his face. It is incredibly rare for him to be seen with a genuinely joyful smile.
Tate's coat is very well taken care of as he keeps up with good appearances despite his unfriendly attitude. He usually smells nice and has a soft, plush coat.
Tate does have a large similarity to his mother through the cloudy white and greys that are splotched all across his body. The most striking thing about him though are the patches of red that are mostly on the underneath of back of him. On his neck, chest, lining his front legs and paws, striping down his hind quarters. His tail is tipped with red, as is a portion of his withers that would be shaped in a V from above. His ears are arched with the same red and he has a unique red line and dotted marking under his eyes as well.
Tate inherited his dark, black eyes from his father.
None Currently
Hex Codes
Dark Grey #141211 Light Grey #5a5854 White #ffffff Red #890b0b Eyes #000000

Tate walks around with a lot of confidence, not that he's standing up straight and proud. He is the type to run in guns blazing to bad situations, fighting a bear or jumping off a cliff into the ocean to prove no point at all. That he can do it. He has an impossible time admitting struggle or defeat even to himself and it can push him into difficult times.
Tate does put off an attitude that he doesn't really need anyone else in his life. He has a hard time making friends and certainly doesn't try. He keeps his siblings and mothers closest to his heart, he may have a bit of a weakness for girls not that he would necessarily turn into a knight in shining armor. He'll definitely never ask for help or companionship, but deep down he does want to find those to share his life with.
Trouble Maker
Tate likes to do what he wants, when he wants. It's not only that but he likes to explicitly push boundaries and buttons to see just how much he can get away with. That doesn't mean it'll stop him from going too far the next time.
Tate likes to pick on his peers and siblings whether serious or not. He's generally uncaring when it comes to others feelings. However, he would stick up for his siblings if someone else would show the same kind of behavior to them. It may come as a surprise to even those that know him best.
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Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 6
Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Antelope horns (Defensive) n/a
Open Character Pass Open Character Pass Allows creation of a character free of charge, including all markings and colorations (height not included). n/a n/a
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