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Gavroche is just plain tiny. The wolf stands out no more than seventeen inches tall. He is extra-small by wolf standard, though that much would be obvious when there are some species of fox taller than he is. Perhaps because of his already compact size, the male has a lighter build than others of his species though not to the point of being emaciated. Gav has wide, doe-like eyes that are bright, healthy green. His flesh is black, darker than that of his ebony-colored fur, and his claws are off-white.

Gav is unlike just about any other wolf he’s ever met, save for one. This pixie-like wolf was odd enough with his puny side, but odder still are the feathered appendages that grow from behind his shoulder blades. Yes, Gavroche is a winged wolf. Though the wings are large they are not functional enough to support his weight in flight despite his lighter frame. They are striking to look at, however, with molted colors of reddish-brown, black, brown, and tan. His wings take on the appearance of the changing leaves during autumn and, as he molts, the colors shift around, never the same from one year to the next.

Gavroche’s base coat however is a snowy white - a color not found in the plumage of his wings. Each of his front limbs is a stocking of different colors with the left foreleg being brown and the right foreleg being tan. His back legs on the hand have stockings of black much like the entirety of his head. His eyes are rimmed with panda-like circles of white. His ruff, as well as his tail, are reddish-brown giving him a sort of calico-like coloration. While he does not have intricate markings his colorful wings more than make up for this fact and give others a reason to spare a glance at this pixie-sized wolf.


[Before Ardent Return] During a storm sometime in Boreas before he is captured and taken back to Lyenne for public execution Gavroche gains a scar that runs from the front of his right ear and trails down the side of his head towards his cheek. This scar is caused by a sharp stick.


Gavroche is a male who has been through his fair share of things. He has seen the wicked of the earth he walks on and has known their evil deeds. He has walked as a slave, and as a wolf scorned by his kin. He thought he had lost everything, at least until he met his beloved mate, Bellamy. The woman has become a new source of light for the tiny wolf who, at the point that she came into his life, had started doubting that anything good could ever happen again. While he is not as happy-go-lucky and naive as he once was, Gavroche is still a good-natured individual. He has more of a patient, protective at times, father vibe now.

He is kind to those he meets, though more cautious than he was in his youth. He gives everyone a chance to prove their light or, once they prove otherwise, he makes a beeline to get away from them. Gavroche, unlike Bellamy, is not confrontational in the slightest. The male would rather run from a fight than face it, and to most that may make the tiny wolf seem like a coward. But when you are pint-sized, with your skills in healing and talking to others, would you want to stick around and become a chew toy?

While a bit suspicious of authority, and valuing his freedom, Gav does see the value in living with a group of like-minded individuals. He respects the laws of life, being one to offer aid even to strangers who may need it. He is one who is unfazed by mutations and the oddities of the world; he himself is one, after all. He is accepting of those who do not wish to do him or his loved ones harm and can be insightful if given the chance. Like his mate, Gavroche has flickers of self-doubt and self-hatred. He questions if he deserves anything good he gets in life, and sometimes needs Bellamy to give him a gentle bonk to remind him that he does.

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James - A male Pygmy Marmoset companion that is 5.3” long. He has blue-gray eyes, natural fur coloration, and no remarkable features. He is described as helpful and flamboyant.


Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height Reduction (In Inches) Height Reduction (In Inches) Allows a character reduced height under 23", max of 17" allowed via purchase. n/a 6
Small Companion Small Companion Allows for a small companion less than 12" tall (for birds, wingspan of 25" or less; for reptiles, length of 25" or less). Male pygmy marmoset, 5.3" n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. A thick leather collar with black and cream fur lining the inside. n/a
Battle Accessory - Offensive Battle Accessory - Offensive An offensive battle accessory. A steel dirk with an amber gem embedded in the hilt at the end. It has a small holder around his left foreleg. n/a
Large Accessory Large Accessory Allows for a large accessory. A leather bag Gavroche keeps and uses to collect herbs. n/a
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