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Gavroche Kedieo
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Gavroche is a beast like any other, standing at a mere height of seventeen inches and bearing something no wolf would have considered possible; wings. Though they are flightless these appendages of something striking to look at. They molt with different colors russet, brown, black and tan giving them a similarity to leaves changing in autumn. While not intimidating Gavroche is in general striking to look at, whether it’s the patches of color across his coat or the very wings he bears. His eyes are a bright leafy green, wide and doe-like, that add to his strange appearance.

Gavroche’s body is made up of patches of color. His main body is a pure ivory, whereas each appendage is another. His tail and mane is russet whereas his head and back legs are black. White rings around each eye, however, which help draw attention to them. His left foreleg is brown whereas his right foreleg is tan. His fur is silky to the touch, particularly around his ruff, belly, and tail. Overall Gavroche looks nothing like your standard wolf.

Gavroche is first a foremost a gentleman, speaking with a kind heart and understanding soul. Gavroche takes pity on those that are different especially since he is quite different himself with the wings he bears. He is compassionate, wanting to be there for others emotionally since he can’t really be there for them physically. That is not to say Gavroche can’t be protective in his own right. He stands for what is right, voicing his opinions in a respectful way. The male doesn’t rush headlong into danger, however, one that tries to take a more tactical approach. Being small doesn’t leave a lot of room for error and if Gavroche believes he can’t stand up to a threat he is not afraid to show them his back. It is not shameful to flee something you don’t stand a chance against after all.

Gav believes strongly in the religion of Foi and the Majofic religion of Majofionism. Though both have a set of different Gods Gavroche believes in both, being a very spiritual creature. He believes that he has been blessed by the Goddess Celeste and bears a strong desire to see the world. He also yearns to fly, saddened by the fact his wings can not carry his weight into the air. Gavroche is a dreamer as well, and can be a bit stubborn. He truly believes that when he is old enough, and has achieved whatever the Gods and Goddesses of Foi have sent him to the Earth to do, that he will one day soar among the stars.

Like many of the Kedieo’s Gav does possess a temper though it is more a calm, more reigned in one. He knows when he can vent and when he can’t… though sometimes he can be a bit more trusting in revealing information than he should be. Overall a rather lawful creature, Gavroche doesn’t really approve of taking life unless under extreme circumstances. He frowns on acts such as murder and rape and would never participate in such acts himself.

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Foi’s God, Goddess, and the Divinities

Nox -- The Allfather and God
He resides over destruction, chaos, and curses.

Celeste -- The Allmother and Goddess
Resides over resurrection, purity, and blessings.

Charis and Akakios
The Divinities of Life. They reside over all living things and their laws.

Chrysis and Erebos
The Divinities of Death. They reside over the underworld. Erebos takes care of the evil / darker souls and keeps them in line while Chrysis watches over the more lawful ones. Theirs is a place so like the land of the living some may not even know they are dead.

Reflected Memories and Abyss
The keepers of memories and the creature that holds them in darkness. They are the lore keepers of the world and all its inhabitants.

Time Warp and Fate
The keepers of fate and time, a brother and sister pair that break the main flow of things. They both can reside over each other's areas to a degree.

The Elementals of Majofionism

Seethe -- Female -- The Fire Divinity
A creature with a massive temper and darkened skin; hairless. Wolves who follow this path are quick to act and can tend to be ruthless, damaging all in their path. Those who tend to be more chaotic, or just plain evil, will fall under the rule of this beast.

Hush -- Female -- The Wind Divinity
A creature that can be as finicky as the wind in temperament that bears a wispy, silvery coat. Wolves who follow this path tend to lean more towards middle alignments. Not necessarily good nor evil. Neutral alignments tend to fit well here. They are the more passive of the group, however, and tend to not bring about battles or conflict unless it is a dire need. They can be emotionally driven but or less prone to acting with violence… unlike followers of Vale.

Serene -- Male -- The Water Divinity
A creature that is calm and collected with a coat that shimmers with beautiful colors under light. Wolves that follow Serene tend to be more of the benevolent type… though be careful not to make the water ripple. They might be calm and collected but that doesn’t mean they can’t fight!

Vale -- Male -- The Earth Divinity
A creature of earthen coloration and a rugged coat. Vale is a creature that is much like Hush in the fact it can go either way with its temperament. But unlike Hush Vale will react more strongly, letting emotions rule it’s decisions. Alignments that are more neutral but with stronger beliefs, or more likely to shed blood or act more strongly in general, tend to fall under Vale.


Delusion and Calamity
Believed to have once been divinities this brother and sister pair are now a chimera-esc creature with two heads; one per sibling. They serve as a reminder of what can come if you do not act with reason, calm, and logic. You do not wish to lose yourself and forsaken by the Divinities, do you?


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Din Kedieo ♀ x Hakku ♂
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Keno Kedieo ♀ and Unknown ♂

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Phoenix Kedieo ♀


Melanthios Kedieo ⚦


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Fight Form

Gavroche Kedieo
vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra small
Build: Light
Mutation 1: Wings (Large Mutation) - Defensive
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Beginner Healer
Specialty: N/A
Gavroche Kedieo
vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Extra small
Build: Light
Mutation 1: <a href="">Wings (Large Mutation) - Defensive</a>
Skills: Novice Intellectual & Beginner Healer
Specialty: N/A


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