Winter, Year 20 Seasonal Skill Prompts



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Seasonal Skill Prompts

Skill Prompts are a monthly feature that allow your character to gain skills in different ways. Each character can only complete ONE prompt per season, and can be completed either in a solo post or in a group thread. You cannot claim these posts for other skill points! Please note that as long as you complete the objectives, you're free to be creative with your posts and have some fun with these prompts!

For solo posts, you must complete the entire prompt in one post. Of course, you can use these posts as thread starters and continue the thread as usual, but no other skills may be claimed by you from that thread.

For group threads, the word count is cumulative and will be counted over all participants. However, participants must be ACTIVELY trying to complete the skill prompt for their words to count. Note that group threads have a maximum of 3 allowed participants unless otherwise specified.

Winter, Year 20 Seasonal Skill Prompts


Night Stalker: As the unusually bright nights persist, you get the feeling you're being followed...
Goal: At night, find yourself being stalked by an opponent (whether predator, another wolf, etc). Defend yourself!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere (at night)!
1. You find yourself being followed by someone at night.
2. Discover who your stalker is!
3. Make a plan and see it through. Do you fight them head on? Do you try to ambush them?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points


Birds of a Feather: Since usual prey may be scarce during the winter, why not go after some birds?
Goal: Hunt down one (or many!) birds.
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Find and identify a bird prey animal.
2. Get hunting! Are you going after just one bird, or many?
3. How successful is your hunt? Note the difficulties in hunting birds versus usual prey animals.

Reward: 30 Hunting Skill Points


Feeling SAD: Seasonal affective disorder ain't just for people anymore!
Goal: Find someone suffering from seasonal affective disorder, or someone who is just feeling gloomy due to the season change. Figure out how to best help them! (Or if you're the one suffering, learn some coping skills to deal with these feelings!)
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere
1. Find someone who is dealing with seasonal affective disorder, or some other emotional/mental issue due to the season changes. (Or, if you're the patient, seek out someone to help with this issue!)
2. Go over your/their symptoms, and deduce what might be causing them.
3. Come up with a solution! Though it might not be a cure, surely there are things that can help?

Reward: 30 Healing Skill Points


Spelunking: Caves seem awfully appealing these days, don't they?
Goal: Explore a subterranean land (cave).
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Find a cave to explore. Maybe they seem appealing due to the weather, or maybe for a different reason altogether?
2. Explore! Note all the land features you might come across.
3. Note the difficulties of cave-exploring and what dangers you might come across.

Reward: 30 Navigation Skill Points


Why Can't We Be Friends?: Let's all just get along!
Goal: Befriend (or at least get to know in a friendly way) someone from a different pack/band than you!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Anywhere!
1. Meet someone from a different pack/band than you.
2. Get to know a little about them, and maybe even a little about their pack/band!
3. See how the conversation goes- maybe you'll become friends?

Reward: 30 Intellect Skill Points

BONUS PROMPT- Fighting / Navigation

Only one bonus prompt per PLAYER allowed each season. A character can only complete ONE prompt a season, whether it be a bonus prompt or a regular prompt, unless otherwise specified.

Water Fight: Splish splash and smack!
Goal: Engage in a fight with another character while in water!
Word Count: 800 (Solo) or 1500 (Group)
Location: Auster only
1. Find yourself in water - what kind of water? Why are you here?
2. Get in a fight with another character.
3. See the fight through! Note how fighting in water is more challenging or not.
4. Who's the victor?

Reward: 30 Fighting Skill Points and 30 Navigation Skill Points

Redeem prompts as usual in skill claims!