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05-14-2024, 11:55 PM

In the center of the Southern Warren, the marketplace was alive with a constant hum of activity. Despite the early winter chill, it served as a hub for commerce and cooperation. The cavern was spacious and well-lit by torches, providing a stark contrast to the frigid world beyond its walls. Wolves from all walks of life intermingled as they engaged in the delicate art of trading, their breath visible in the cold air.

Aresenn walked through the stalls with purposeful, although preoccupied, strides. His bright red coat contrasted against the golden hues of the cavern and caught the attention of some onlookers. Despite the bustling activity around him, his thoughts were elsewhere, consumed by a growing dissatisfaction. The new Warlord's orders had confined him to this neutral zone, a decision he followed but still struggled against. It was hard to allow himself to be walked back from the progress he had made with Sirius. But for the sake of continuing to see her, he would bear it.

Pausing at a booth laden with various armaments, Aresenn ran a paw over the hilt of a finely crafted dagger, the cold metal grounding him momentarily. He had no real interest in the wares; it was a distraction, a way to pass the time as he waited for Andromeda. The thought of their impending meeting giving him a feeling of restlessness. His gaze flicked around the cavern, taking in the sight of other wolves engaging in trade, their voices blending into a low murmur that filled the space. Fighters demonstrated weapons, healers explained the uses of various herbs, and hunters haggled over the value of their catches. It was a picture of unity and cooperation, yet Aresenn couldn’t shake the feeling of being out of place.



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05-16-2024, 06:55 PM
Snow has become a regular fixature in the Armada lands and Andy simply loves the feel of it beneath her paws. The subtle creak and crackle of it delights her to no end and she likes to take walks around the Col just to hear it pop with her passing. Today however, she is running security in the market place where there is a distinct lack of the beautiful white blanket so that visitors might more about the market more freely.

Pale blue eyes scan the stalls as she slowly patrols the area, checking in with vendors and offering directions to others when needed. As she is talking to a young girl, pointing her toward where there are some sweet treats for sell, a familiar fiery coat catches her attention. With a wink and a nod, she sends the girl on her way and slowly stalks after Aresenn, watching the way he moves about the market place. Andy’s lavender coat is not difficult to spy but she does her best to stay hidden from his eyes for the moment.

A playful grin tugs at her lips as she watches him touch the hilt of dagger, an idea taking form in her mind. Gracefully, she leaves her hiding spot, confidently approaching the young man rapidly as she says, “Excuse me, sir. I think I saw you take something from that last stall. I will need you to follow me.” At first her voice is serious but a mischievous tint soon colors her tone only to end in a gentle purr. While she talks, she moves up to him, circling around the man and allowing their coats to brush gently against each other.

As she finishes her pass in front of Aresenn, she inclines her head and flicks her tail toward the caves in the area before leading the man who has her heart toward one. Only when they enter one of the private areas, away from the prying eyes of market goers does she round on him, gently pulling him into the empty space while also pulling him toward her so she can plant a deep, passionate kiss on his dark red lips. For a long moment she just revels in the touch of him, having missed him more than words can describe.

Only when she needs to come up for air does the young woman release him, pale eyes opening to search his face as Andy softly asks, “Where have you been?”

"Andromeda Fatalis"

Andy has an Eastern Chanting Goshawk named Aquila and two Snow Leopards named Leo and Gemini. They are always nearby.