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04-18-2024, 03:17 AM

Ethne so far, was similar to the lands that Norad had. Then again they weren't very far from one another, so it made sense that some of these places were similar, no? He found the creek easily enough, and surrounding the banks and in the creek itself were all manner of creatures. Ducks and geese sitting on the bank, small songbirds flitting about on the cattails and the surrounding trees. He could hear frogs and grasshoppers. The occasional splash of a fish jumping from the creek to catch an early morning breakfast. It was barely dawn, a fine mist coating the top of the water as it slowly evaporated in the warmth of a new day. He remained in the line of the sycamore trees just listening. Watching. Observing nature doing what it did best. Ducks swam about in the creek with their ducklings in tow, swimming happily in circles as they dove for food.

Attention turned toward a splashing then, as a frog jumped up from the water onto the bank right in front of him. His ears perked as he watched it hopping across the mudbank, stopping every couple of hops to croak or just...sit there. His stomach grumbled, reminding him that he had yet to eat breakfast. Hmm...he had never had frog before. surely it would taste fine, right? It was a muddy brownish-green colors, not brightly colored like some snakes to eat, he was sure. Unsure of how to catch a frog, he figured just walking up to it and picking it up would do. The things didn't seem very smart anyway, and they looked pretty slow so far, so a quick and easy breakfast!

Walking over to the frog, he went to pick it up and as soon as he went to touch it, is croaked and hopped away back toward the water! "Wait! Come back!" he went after it, slapping a paw over it as soon as it took the first couple hops to keep it from getting back to the water. He waited a moment or two before slowly lifting his paw, only to find it sort of flattened into the soft mud. Oops. But almost as soon as he had lifted his paw, it seemed to come back to life as if nothing had happened and continued to try and hop away, only this time it jumped higher than he thought it could and right onto his face!

"Ah!" He shook his head in surprise, accidentally flinging the frog back toward the creek where it landed with a little splat sound against a rock that barely poked out of the water. The frog, of course, recovered and turned around, its bulgy eyes seemingly staring him down as if daring him to come and get it. He weighed his options here. He could try to continue and go after the frog...or he could find something else a little less challenging. "Pfft...what kinda hunter would I be if I can't even catch a frog!" He exclaimed to himself.

Taking a deep breath, his mind was made up. He was going to catch that damn frog! Determined, he waded into the creek and stalked toward the frog, circling around it to try and get it from behind. No matter where he moved, however, it always looked like it was watching him. He squinted at it, lowering himself further into the water until just his nose and the top of his head was poking out. Surely now? Exhaling out of habit, he blew a few bubbles from his nose as he continued to creep up on it, ignoring the slimy weeds and whatever else he was feeling under his feet.

Just a couple more steps...pouncing in 3...2...1...No! Just as he braced himself to jump for it, the frog turned and leaped over him, and Blitz did the only thing he could thing to do. He jumped for it, jaws snapping to catch the frog in midair as it went sailing over his head. He splashed and thrashed about as he snapped around in an effort to catch this one specific frog! He'd be damned if it made a fool out of him!

Finally! Teeth closed around the stupid little creature and he felt the sliminess of it on his tongue. He tried to swallow (since chewing it didn't sound appealing), but he choked and gagged at the taste. Frogs...did not taste good! Or at least, not this one! Maybe they tasted better cooked or something? He coughed and sputtered as the frog flailed and kicked in his mouth, and it only took him a minute too long before he finally spit it out. The frog ejected from his mouth like a little green, slimy rocket and landed in the creek with a plop! Swiping his tongue over his muzzle and with a look of disgust, Blitz drank some water to try and get rid of the taste of the frog, but he had a feeling he'd be tasting that god awful thing for the rest of the day at least!

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