Samhain - Week 1



10-17-2022, 06:59 PM
Across two continents localized storms have raged, and strange occurrences have been witnessed within the bounds of each, all different, but all unsettling. These events culminated in simultaneous lightning strikes in areas that abruptly ended all these strange events at once, and left in their wake an even bigger mystery in the dramatic appearance of unusual statues where each bolt struck. A rapid temperature drop begins to radiate from each statue in Boreas across the lands they now inhabit. Strange mists spring up in all the previously afflicted lands from the combination of humidity and cold, and continue to cloak the lands as night falls.

The sun rises on a world changed.

Everywhere the worst storms touched, there are whole chunks of lands that appear to be out of time. In Boreas the warm summer that should have been in these lands are marked by an unseasonal chill, and in Auster the cold rains of winter are gone, replaced by the bright bite of crisp autumnal air. Little pockets of autumn dot the continents: the grass is browned, the trees are clothed in their brightest autumn colors and threatening to lose their leaves. Pleasant chill breezes push through the lands and smaller animals are preparing for winter. All across Boreas and Auster small animals referring to themselves as familiars can be found - news of a festival spreads on the wind as they invite anyone they can find to join them

Five distinct statues have been discovered in both Boreas and Auster, seemingly where the lightning struck the night before. The statues themselves can be found in Veteran’s Plateau, Descensum, God’s Garden, Soulless Forest, and Hallucination Caves. Effective immediately and for as long as this phenomenon remains, these event lands can not be claimed by packs.

Each land that now houses a statue has changed in subtle ways, and stranger yet, seems to be having an impact on surrounding territories. Radiating out from the territory’s center and into adjacent lands, a bubble of magical autumn has formed. The lands currently experiencing a magical autumn are as follows: Hells River, Battlefield, Locus Obscuro, The Range, Whistling Willows, Amron’s Castle, Starlight Plains, Cedar Falls, Fossil Ridge, Wraith’s Woods, Aspen Dam, Emerald Valley, Illusions Oasis, Barren Dunes, Redwater Rocks, Traveller’s Lake, Stylianos Crypt, Buffalo Knolls, The Orchard, The Rio Grande, Traveller’s Pitfall, Lazuli Falls, Cattail Creek, and Grapevine Cathedral.

Each event land is attended by a group of NPC’s, of which species, alignment and intention are varied depending on which statue they choose to maintain. Among them you may find toads, cats, rats, ferrets, ravens and even insects among others. We do not recommend you attempt harm upon these familiars!

Strange and new things are currently underway. The risk level of this event is wildly varied, though each avenue of participation will be marked accordingly. In a low-risk level you can expect the potential for a mild loss of gems or skills as well as non-permanent injuries. For medium-risk, you can expect a potential for a larger loss of gems and/or skills, cosmetic maims, and the loss of accessories or companions. High-risk is where the loss is greatest, participation assumes that you consent and understand that a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances may fall upon your character. [Excluding murder and major disabilities, but minor disabilities and permanent maims are possible for high risk events so proceed at your own risk!] Keep in mind as always, the potential risk is equal to the potential reward.

Welcome to Ardent Halloween 2022: Samhain Edition!

Activities Currently Open for Participation:

Feast Preparation - No Risk

The familiars attending to each statue have invited you to a feast beginning soon. In preparation for this grand event, they have asked every attendee to prepare and contribute one item of food, drink, or decoration to the feast.

Submission thread

Requirements: In this open-ended prompt, we invite each character to gather or craft one contribution of their choice ICly. The thread must have 3+ rounds completed to be submitted, but the choice of what you want to contribute is entirely yours. You may choose to work with your partner to make or gather the same thing together, or both choose to contribute different things. These threads are also eligible for double skill points if it passes the normal requirements of a skill thread!
One thread per character

The opening feast and the contributions you make to it will have an impact on the next coming days! No pressure ;) As a small hint, it may be worth it for the site collectively to ensure the offerings are somewhat varied!

Decorate the Altars - No Risk

Alongside the feast, the familiars attending to each statue would like to see each statue’s respective altar decorated to prepare for the upcoming festival of Samhain! Those familiars also keep saying to "keep their preferences in mind" but frustratingly refuse to elaborate further than that. Oh well, surely that mysterious advice couldn't possibly have any bearing on the future.

Veteran’s Plateau Altar
Descensum Altar
God’s Garden Altar
Soulless Forest Altar
Hallucination Caves Altar

Requirements: In this open-ended prompt, we invite each character to approach an altar and decorate a portion of it ICly in its respective thread. As with the feast preparations, the choice of what you decide to bring to the altar is entirely yours!

One post per character

The statues, altars, and how well they are decorated will have a large impact on the remainder of the event - no pressure! ;) Note: For the purpose of not making people read and memorize every single post, you can assume the familiars are actively shuffling things around to make more room, and it’s totally fine to say that you put down flowers on the same area where someone else just put a pelt. Collaboration and discussion between site members is not required, though it is allowed!

All players may only participate in this week's events a total of 6 times. You are free to split that 6 however you want among the events though remember each character may only decorate one altar and claim one feast preparation each.

Deadline for all events: October 23rd 9PM PST

All submissions must be posted by the deadline with no exceptions

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