Dûrionfull name
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Large speciessize
Lawful Neutralalignment

The image one sees when they look upon Dûrion is a likely intimidating one. He's a bear for starters, a hybrid known as a Growler bear to be exact. Not only that but he's massive, where most growlers are only 60" tops, Dûrion finds himself to be 66". He is a perfect mixture of both his parents, his height coming from his polar bear mother, and his build coming from his grizzly father. He even has the shoulder hump that most grizzly bears have. His pelt is a light golden brown, with lighter highlights and translucent ends to the hairs. On his back and bridge of his nose are darker markings, matching his skin color. On his face is a white blazing marking on the right side only. His eyes complete the looks with a gorgeous blue color to them. His voice is deep and rumbly with a bass to it naturally.appearance
Dûrion is like many bears, grumpy. His demeanor can put off most others, not that he cares much what others think. If your opinion of him is negative, he won't care, or work hard to try to change it. He tends to not care much when it comes to others, though there seems to always be an exception to the rule, in the form of his more upbeat brother. He holds their bond high on his priority list, as well as protecting his smaller softer brother when his words fail him. Dûrion has a back seat in political things between the two, but if those words fail Boden one can expect Dûrion to step up to fight where his brother is less willing.

He's a glass half full type, viewing the world as if most things are bound for failure, though fighting is the exception for the man. He loves a good fight, and its his first go to when someone throws threats around or decides to bulk up to him. He isn't afraid to show anyone why you can't just bulk up to a bear and expect things to go your way. Not to mention he doesn't forget or forgive easily. Fuck around find out with this bear.

In short he's grumpy, grumbly, huffy, but family oriented. personality

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 6
Large Species Pass Large Species Pass Allows creation of a character of any modern species above 23" tall (for birds, wingspan of 43" or more; for reptiles, length of 4' or more). Grolar bear n/a
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