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Summer of Year 16birthdate
Lawful Evilalignment
Shall we start with the chocolate almost ebony like coat that wraps around her like a security blanket of long lush fur. It looks to be completely starless as the night sky in the shadows, and then has a soft chocolate mixed into the black in the sunlight.

Her body is slightly smaller than the average, she doesn’t appear to be skin and bone though, as her height and then her lighter build makes it easier for her to become silent among the rest of them. Causing her to be swifter than a few of the others within the family band.

Your eye’s would then fall upon those dark reddish orange pools, that seem there is no soul deep within. That appears to be so cold and dangerous. Something that one could easily get lost within. In turn would you really want to after you get to know who Hala actually is? Or what she has done?

There are also crazy looking scars across her body from fight’s along with scars. Thankful that her long fur hides them from everyone except the ones upon her muzzle and upon her slightly torn left ear. appearance

dark - chaotic - unforgiving - dissociative identity disorder - bipolar - paranoid - seductive - careful - outspoken - antisocial

This woman is every bit of a chaotic dark being. Hala is very unforgiving to those that have caused her or her family. Being very paranoid of strangers as she is also very careful.

All through the same time she can be outspoken and brutally honest to those around her - she is also protective as any others would be, especially with her family.

Hala is a strong willed and minded she-wolf, even though she deals with dissociation quite often. Thanks to post traumatic stress disorder as well as past trauma.

One simply does not gain her trust or respect. It is simply and quite frankly earned and not given out. She keeps herself guarded most of the time, and barely ever relaxes.

But all wrapped into one hellish woman with a sharp tongue, she is also very seductive in her own secret ways. Which can also be part of the bipolar disorder, to where the woman’s moods can’t be turned on and off like a light switch.

Hala goes through her daily life believing and thinking that her one brother will come after her one day. But when and where? It’s unknown, that doesn’t honestly help with the paranoia.

With that being said the woman is very antisocial and like a moth drawn to the flame she is drawn to the shadows where she can observe and stalk. Rather than be that social butterfly.personality

Obscurity - Raven - Wing Span of 3.5 Feetmisc

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