Bodenfull name
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Large speciessize
Neutral Goodalignment
Heterosexual sexuality

Standing at fifty-seven inches tall, Boden is on the taller side for a grolar bear. He has inherited more of his height from his polar bear genetics and he bears short, thick limbs with medium-length fur. This fur is ruffled on his neck, backs of his forelegs, underbelly, cheeks, ears, and tail. Despite his height, Bo is more on the stocky side of things. He has thick, durable paw pads and thick claws. Boden has soft features for a bear, giving him a gentler look when compared to others of his kind. His beady eyes are two shades of a lighter blue and his skin is black.

Boden’s base coat is a soft brown color. This color is darkened on his dorsal half, though the color is splotchy. It is darkest upon his back and forehead, being lighter down on his sides and shoulders. This same type of splotchy marking can be found on his unders in a creamy, off-white that comes from his polar bear side. The insides of his ears are creamy off-white as well, giving him a mix of colorations from the species of both of his parents. appearance

Boden is a grolar with an upbeat personality. He is playful and happy, the sort of individual who prefers to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. He wears a large smile at all times, poking at things for fun and trying to look at the lighter side of things. When it comes to messy situations, Bo is the sort of bear who moves in to try and diffuse things, preferring to settle things with words rather than brute force when he can. Bo loves to laugh and enjoys a good joke or pun, disliking when he must be serious for long periods of time. Immature and a bit childish, Boden shows a much younger nature around others. He would rather play games that work on his skills, but even this bear knows when things must be done.

Speaking of importance, Boden believes that family is more important than anything. He has an immense love of his littermate, being protective and supportive over his much grumpier brother. While Bo does not like being serious, he can be defensive and supportive of those he loves if the situation calls for it. Though if his attempts at lighthearted diffusing fail, Bo is more likely to attempt to talk others down before resorting to a fight. Boden hates the idea of hurting others, even when he feels they deserve it, and will do anything he can to prevent things escalating that far that he can. When it comes to fights, however, Boden fights defensively, still wanting to uphold his beliefs even when defending himself or those he cares about.personality

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Large Species Pass Large Species Pass [NR] [NT] Allows creation of a character of any modern species above 23" tall (for birds, wingspan of 43" or more; for reptiles, length of 4' or more). Grolar Bear n/a
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