Sloan Saxefull name
Beautiful, Gorgeous, Babenicknames
2 Yearsage
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Chaotic Neutralalignment
She has a "type"sexuality

True to her Saxe heritage, Sloan's coat is a deep slate-black. When the shadows are deep, one would believe her to be a plain black, but that much isn't so. As the light streams from the heavens above, the edges and thinner areas of her fur seem to almost shift from a darker to a light shade of slate grey. Not quite what some might call a "Raven's Shine," but close enough that she might appear to "shimmer" during the bright Summer months. Laid over top of that slate coat is a painting of porcelain white that sets her apart from most of the other Saxe's.

Sloan's features are elegant, her body moves with grace and power. Though she is dainty, standing at a mere 36", she doesn't let it stop her. Finely tuned muscle from length travel is stitched together beneath her skin - just enough that she can hold her own, but not enough to mar her feminine frame. Sleek and gorgeously crafted, Sloan knows just how beautiful she is and she will use it to her advantage. Swinging hips, delicately curled lips, and neatly groomed fur, she is the picture of perfection. Not to mention the pair of cat green eyes that sit beneath hooded lids and thick lashes ready to sweep you into submission.

Scent: Vanilla, Clove, and Sandalwood
Voice Actor: TBD
Misc: N/A

Sloan Saxe, a lofty name bestowed to a girl ready to take it by the reins.
She isn't your typical damsel in distress. Oh no, she is more than capable of handling herself in any situation. Sloan is the brains of the group with a sharp tongue and quick-witted mind, she can talk her way out of trouble in seconds.

Unlike her Saxe family, scars don't penetrate her pelt as often theirs. Why you may ask? Because she's not stupid enough to put herself in harm's way. Why get dirty when she can make the boys do it for her? Suave and sassy, Sloan knows the way to a man's (or woman's) heart and she's not afraid to use it.

Perhaps that's why she has commitment issues or maybe she just wants to have fun. Young and adventurous, Sloan is the rough and tumble type that goes with the flow, loves to be catty, and sticks her nose everywhere it doesn't belong. And if she gets caught having more than one lover? Well, why not invite them to all share her together!

Conniving as she sounds, this is what holds Sloan together. Keeping her heart locked in a box and her stomach made of steel, hardly anything makes Sloan queasy. Able to kick it with the big boys and get down with the bad girls, Sloan is the gal you want by your side no matter what.

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