Alaric Warmawfull name
3 Yearsage
Summer of Year 17birthdate
Chaotic Evilalignment
Straight sexuality
Alaric's build was once emaciated and weak but no more. Now free of his masters, Alaric's time as a free man has made his build muscular and thick. His white pelt is his main base. Splashing over top is a light grey. He sports a black muzzle, legs, ears, dorsal stripe, and tail tip. His most noticeable features are his thick, old, scars that adorn his pelt. The future will never grow back. A testament of his old master's cruelty and a secret source of insecurity for Alaric. Alaric's orange eyes burn with a rage only a man who has lost it all can experience.appearance
Alaric is a complex and deep character, shaped by his tragedy and trauma. Who would he be without the pain he endured? He doesn't know. He never stood a chance to know.

On the surface, Alaric comes off as a cold, apathetic, distrusting man with a heavy does of hate for the world around him.His tongue sharp and unyielding, as he knows what its like to be silenced so he vows to never choke back his thoughts. No matter how sharp. He isn't a warm and kind friend. He doesn't make friends. His loyalty is fickle and self serving as he knows the chains that loyalty to the wrong people can bring. Alaric has a deep seated hatred for topics such as fate, religion, gods, etc. Alaric is also known to be quite prideful and stubborn in his beliefs.

Laws mean little to Alaric and so do people in power. Alaric sees them all as the corrupt bastards they are in his eyes. Every last one of them. Is his hatred a little biased? Of course it is. Alaric does not care for laws and will actively break them if he can get away with it. He is careful and calculated with his crimes, as he knows what chains feels like.

There are some upside to Alaric. He is a champion for individuals to take their life into their own paws. He cares deeply for freedoms and self expression, as long as it does not triumph other's freedoms. He can care for others, he can love, and he can in some cases grow in his loyalty to someone. But the path there is riddled with thorns and ambers. It's not an easy walk. While Alaric is no saint, he despises liars, anyone who enslaves others, and bullies.

Deep inside there is a man inside Alaric who wants to be loved. A man who wants acceptance and someone who just...cares. Who stays. His abandonment trauma runs deep and is the sole reason for his bitter, distrusting, nature. He is a deeply insecure man who believes he is unworthy of anything good in life. Good luck getting him to admit this, of course. His worse fear is ending back in chains. That fear drives a lot of what he does and who he is as a person.personality
Two slots of added height(two inches total). Alaric had a black cane corso named Maul, who is with him in every thread unless stated otherwise.misc

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