Cadaver Nightwingfull name
KD, Cavnicknames
Spring of Year 20birthdate
Dire wolfsize
Neutral Evilalignment
Demisexual Panromanticsexuality

Cadaver boasts a chimera design that commands attention. His colossal, dire-sized frame, endowed with a heavy, muscular build, speaks of raw strength. The dichotomy of his pelage is a captivating sight—half pristine albino on the right, a canvas of ethereal purity, and half deep midnight black on the left. On the albino side, half a pink nose and eye form a symphony of soft hues, while the black side presents a mesmerizing blue eye encased in an intricate golden design. A defining white streak graces his left shoulder, seamlessly merging into jagged streaks that culminate in white socks adorning his left legs.


At the foundation of his character, Cadaver is fueled by a pursuit of power and control. His aggressive drive will be ingrained in him even as a young pup, always seeking to assert his strength over his siblings and the other pups around his age. While he's young, it may just be passed off as a competitive spirit- always wanting to be the first, the best, the strongest, the bravest. But as he ages, it will become clear how fatally serious he takes the contest. His natural aggression is evident, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Intimidation and brute force are his preferred methods for having his way, and with his imposing size, he has no qualms about throwing his weight around to get what he wants.

Cadaver's will extends far beyond his physical prowess, encompassing a dark and cunning intelligence. He takes pleasure in preying on the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of those around him- twisting their fears to suit his desires at his own convenience. As he gets older, a large part of his interactions will be tainted with subtle threats and veiled duress, leaving an eviscerated mess of social ties in his wake. Unfortunately, Cadaver's general lack of respect for others doesn't stop there. It extends to his treatment of women. As a pup, he may seem pushy, or more likely to bully a girl. Is it cute? Boys pick on the girls they like, right? Not in his case. Weakness lacks value to him, and early on he will decide to write the fairer sex off altogether. They are all weak- save for the rare exception. Weakness is meant to be manipulated. They're nothing more than pawns, to be moved around and discarded at his leisure. They have their uses, sure. But he will make that determination when it becomes necessary.

Growing up, it would be no surprise that the behaviors he exhibits would be concerning to his mother. With no father around, it will fall on her shoulders to combat the monster he's destined to be on her own. Perhaps that's where his disdain for authority stemmed from- or maybe he simply lacked enough discipline to steer him on the right path. Pointing fingers will do us no good. Despite his mother's tireless efforts to tame him, Cadaver's thirst for more will only grow stronger over time. To say the least, this brute will become a force to be reckoned with, with hopes of being feared by many. As a result, he will be respected by few.


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