Tethys Fatalisfull name
2 Yearsage
Autumn of Year 18birthdate
Dire wolfsize
True Neutralalignment
Young Royaltyrank

Tethys has a coat reminiscent of the earliest stage of twilight, when the first rays of sunlight just barely begin to peek over the horizon. Her base coat is a deep, nearly-black purple. Littered across her coat are the sparsest hints of white flecks, closely resembling stars in a night sky. The most prominent feature of her coat is the sprinklings of light across her coat, gradients of bright purple and blue to orangeish pink, namely found on her tail, limbs, sides, back, and beneath her eyes. Finally, her eyes are a vivid orange, standing out like a setting sun against her dark facial features.


Alexithymic — Otherwise known as the inability to recognize emotions, alexithymia is a personality trait that makes it difficult for Tethys to identify with others - as well as with herself. Unless they are expressed very explicitly, the finer subtleties of emotion are entirely lost on her. She understands that crying means sadness, and yelling means anger, and smiling means happiness, but anything in between is difficult for her to grasp. Recognizing her own emotions is even more difficult than recognizing the moods of others, and often she fails to correlate her physical symptoms to her mental states, leading her to feel vaguely dissociated a lot.

Sensitive — Strangely enough, when she can recognize the emotions others are experiencing she tends to be very empathetic and sensitive to them. She's driven strongly by the need to not upset or disappoint others, though frustratingly has a difficult time telling when either of these things are occurring. Naturally she ends up asking for reassurance from those close to her, perhaps even too often.

Competitive  — Everything in life is a contest that can be won, at least according to her. She is perpetually weighing her abilities to that of those around her, wanting to always best everyone at everything they do, even if it doesn't particularly interest her. She believes she can excel if she just tries hard enough, and so she'll be driven by the success of those around her, always wanting to one-up everyone - especially her siblings.

Nonchalant  — Tethys masks her difficulty in relating to others with an air of complete nonchalance about almost everything. Overall it tends to make her seem wildly disinterested in everything around her - unless she's attempting to beat someone at something, of course. Nothing seems to phase her much, often to an unnerving degree.

Stubborn — Perhaps due to her competitive streak, when she has her mind set on something it's hard to get her to budge from it, and she'll sooner go down with a fight than ever admit she's wrong about something. Somehow this leads to her being true to her word, because she doesn't like going back on something she's set her mind on.


Inventory listing
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Open Character Pass Open Character Pass Allows creation of a character free of charge, including all markings and colorations (height not included). n/a n/a
Post-Acceptance Dire Height Post-Acceptance Dire Height Allows for dire height (43" - 45" max) to be granted to an accepted character (takes one season to fully develop IC). 45" n/a
Battle Accessory - Defensive Battle Accessory - Defensive A defensive battle accessory. Hide bracers n/a
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