Verity Klein-Fatalisfull name
Spring of Year 18birthdate
Extra smallsize
True Neutralalignment


lithe . pale green eyes . ashen brown tones . green markings . piebald

Verity's pelt is a pleasing mix of muted earthy tones. Her base coloration is a darker ashen brown. This hue sweeps across the majority of her body, getting lighter along a lush tail and her undersides, and getting darker at the higher points of her body. The darker brown resides along her back accompanied with large dark spots, the spots are blended into her fur and likely not noticeable in low light. This deep hue also slips along her two hind legs, ear, and on her face both above and blow of her eyes. This facial marking frames her face but pales in comparison to the vibrant green under eye markings Verity was born with. Two slips of almost neon green compliment her much more muted green eyes. But, this is not the only green seen on the girl. Verity's two front legs have four green markings. Two on her upper foreleg and two a few inches below. - She also has two appendages tainted by a crisp white. Ver's left ear is dipped in white that goes a third of the way down and her front right leg has the white creeping up from a toe and along the back of the leg.



morbid . distrusting . curious . observant . collector . studious

Verity was always labeled as soft spoken or shy in her youth. But, upon getting to know her those labels would be retracted rather quickly. There is nothing shy about the babe. Verity is shamelessly herself in every way. From a young age the creepy and weird things in life seemed to always catch her eye. She has the capability of finding beauty in all things. Everything in life has importance if one just takes the time to look deeper. These false labels derive from a lack of desire to entertain much small talk as she would much prefer to spend her time exploring or studying nature itself.

This affinity for nature would begin light in nature but slowly develop into something a touch darker. The lighter side of her interests would send her down the path of healing. But, it would not stop there. As she discovers the medicinal uses of herbs and flowers Verity would also discover the power of poisons. Being a creature of curiosity she may end up experimenting which could lead to some rather close calls. But even after some mistakes and scolding from Mother her curiosity will always get the better of her.

Accompanying her love of nature is an unnatural obsession with morbidities. It would begin with collecting bugs, alive or dead, and keeping the bones from prey to create little trinkets or aesthetic décor for her den. Her macabre collecting could be seen as creepy but it is not evil in nature. Verity would never inflict horrors on living things or their corpses. That is not her motive, this hobby is actually rather positive. Verity would feel rather wasteful to use an animal for their meat and to merely discard the rest. She feels much better utilizing as much of her prey as she can. For example she’d be the one to skin her prey before consumption and then using as many bones as she reasonably can. Smaller bones would deem great cutting tools if broken and carefully sharpened. Skull caps or other large, round, and flat bones could be used for water collection or mixing bowls. With a mix of creativity and a will to recycle she’d find a use for anything.

Verity is comfortable spending a lot of time alone but she is not totally reclusive. It may take some time for her to warm up to others but once she is comfortable with a friend her barriers come down rather quickly. One may be subjected to odd gifts or long ramblings about her studies. She is also rather curious about others' passions and projects. Verity would be the first one to participate in lessons or ask questions. That being said, she finds it hard to trust others. Especially those outside of her inner circle and specifically males due to her past.


Large Accessory - Leather satchel to hold herbs, tools, and other small objects. - Gift from Sea!

Large Companion - Mini Donkey - Ardmas 2022

Companion Accessory - Leather bags for Bernet - Gift from Sea!

Siggy Credit!


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Companion Accessory Companion Accessory Allows a single accessory for a companion. Rough leather bags that hang over the Donkey's upper back, providing storage. n/a n/a
Large Companion Large Companion Allows for a large companion less than 25" tall (for birds, wingspan of 50" or less; for reptiles, length of 50" or less). Male miniature donkey, 23" n/a n/a
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Large Accessory Large Accessory Allows for a large accessory. Leather satchel. n/a n/a
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