Blitzkrieg Ravenwoodfull name
Spring of Year 20birthdate
Extra largesize
True Neutralalignment

Blitzkrieg has a smoky gray base coat with white and black flecks (almost mottling) sprinkled all across his coat from head to tail. His hind legs are painted black while his forelegs are partially white with black patches. The fur on the edge of his paws is fringed white and heavily furred, of course, giving him better insulation against colder environments. Blitz also has black streaks that run beneath his eyes to the corners of his lips. He's got a white blaze on the bridge of his nose, lighter gray on his underside from chest to abdomen, and he has a thick silver fringed mohawk. Icy blue eyes always appear sharp, mean-looking even, but don't worry. He's not that mean. He's big, he's burly, he's thick-furred, he's muscular. Think generic muscular Russian henchman-looking guy and that's him. His facial features are chiseled and sharp, eyes seemingly hawkish which stand out more with that icy blue color.appearance
As a child, Blitz takes on a more quiet and serious approach to life. He prefers to observe others, and is a boy of few words to start. He's not very good at small talk, and his aloof and introverted attitude may make others see him as shy. He is far from shy, however, and simply prefers not to engage in meaningless small talk. He prefers to talk about things that have more weight to them. The what's and why's of life. He plays with his siblings like most other pups, but has the tendency to get bored of that pretty quick and may end up going to do his own thing. Investigating the unknowns of the world and figuring out why things work the way they do. He's a good listener (or so others think), because he's often quiet. And because others might drone on about things that he finds...not so interesting, he has the tendency to zone out mid conversation and then he has to figure out what the hell you were talking about so he can try to respond appropriately. Usually, he can get away with it...but not always, oops. Loyal to his kin and to those he trusts, Blitz takes loyalty seriously. If you do him wrong, it is unlikely he will ever help you out and will likely brush you off or give you the cold shoulder the next time.personality

Inventory listing
Icon Name Description Details Quantity
Height (In Inches) Height (In Inches) Allows an extra inch of height over 36", max of 42" allowed via purchase. n/a 4
Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Spiky Mohawk (Defensive) n/a
Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. Bear Claws n/a
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