Valtiel Cierna Carpathiusfull name
3 Yearsage
Winter of Year 16birthdate
True Neutralalignment


Deepest, shadowy obsidian cloaks a sturdy, yet slender frame. It's easy to believe that the woman is part shadow, as the majority of her coat melds easily with the darkness of night. Both sides and one portion of the fae's face are deepest charcoal. Breaking up this midnight pelt are flecks of gold spattered in rib-like lines along both sides. Interspersed are stripes and spots of deep charcoals and blacks. On either shoulder and hip are muted, swirling patterns that seem to undulate and shift in a rather mesmerizing fashion as the fae moves. The claws on all four gloves paws are dipped in gold.

The same gold that lines the woman's ribs also appear on a shapely face. Gold underlines her right eye. Arcing upwards and downwards are broken, golden stripes. The fae's expression is usually pensive, her gaze holding a intelligent gleam. Some may find Valtiel's gaze to be a little off-putting due to their difference in color. While both eyes hold tones of vibrant citrine, the woman's right eye is rimmed in rich, pumpkin orange.

As though the fae's appearance wasn't haunting enough, her dark coat is exceedingly long and silken. Her tail snakes out long behind her in an inky black train, often hissing in the grass to signal her approach or departure.

Valtiel exudes an aura of quiet confidence. She likes to observe before she acts, preferring to sit back, watch and learn. Being silent while others are loud teaches one a great deal. The woman is quick witted and, due to her observant ways, is a good judge of character.

Others would call the woman pensive, but Valtiel is simply a thoughtful fae. The gears within her mind are well oiled and she can often be found deep in thought about one thing or another. She is certainly an intellectual and knows a fair deal about many things.

Valtiel has been called aggressive in her day. Her personality can be a bit intense when roused by something that she feels passionate about, but she cares little about this. Despite an outward disposition that one might mistake as cold, she is actually a very caring soul. Loyalty runs in the fae's blood. Once it is earned, it remains unless one grievously wrongs her or hers.

The fae is a provider, specializing in hunting in order to keep those close to her fed and well. Among her many talents, Valtiel has a very haunting singing voice and can often be found singing ballads from her homeland when gathered around the firelight at night.

Voice-Soft, mellifluous, somewhat husky. Smooth, Romanian accent

Scent- Woodsmoke, Lily and Myrrh

Inventory listing
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Minor Mutation Pass Minor Mutation Pass Allows a single minor mutation to be applied to a new character. elongated tail n/a
Open Character Pass Open Character Pass Allows creation of a character free of charge, including all markings and colorations (height not included). n/a n/a
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