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Okiku Ikigai Ōritsu Abraxas (O-kee-koo E-kee-guy)full name
Spring of Year 16birthdate
Lawful Goodalignment

Pause in the beauty,

Glowing, setting red's, and pink's,

Lift your sights and heart

The first snow of winter doesn't hold a candle to the pristine white that is Ikigai's pelt. It encompasses the majority of the lady's slender frame. Down either side of her ribcage stretch inky dots of blackest midnight. This same absence of light runs down her spine starting at her shoulders. Splashes of black trail the curve of a svelte stomach and a long, graceful neck. Obsidian patches swathe the fronts of all four limps. Minimal white specks alleviate the darkness.

Ikigai's face is beautiful and shapely. There is no mistaking that she is a woman and that she is of high breeding. Midnight encases her muzzle, tapering out between her eyes before beginning again on her forehead. Obsidian circles each eye and is only broken up by crimson slashes lining the outside corners of each lower lid. The lady's ears are also black as pitch.

There are a few oddities about the lady. Atop her head grow two small horns that shine brightly like an obsidian oil slick. Within her mouth rests a delicate forked tongue. Ikigai's front paws are dexterous and pliant, able to be used for intricate tasks. The woman's pelt is longer than average. This shows most in the long, jet colored tail that drags along behind her like a train.

Okiku Ikigai Ōritsu Abraxas holds her head high. Ever a lady, all of her mannerisms reflect her breeding and position. She is the embodiment of grace and poise. All movements are made to show herself in the best light. Every moment of her life is a reflection of her family and their name and she takes this quite seriously. Some might think her cold. No more than a glass doll. This chilliness is reflected in the woman's pale silver eyes.

But for their cries,

The herons would be lost,

Amidst the morning snow.

As a child, Ikigai will be very reserved. While her siblings run headfirst into situations, she will sit back and observe before deciding on her course of action. She will question the adults around her so that she might understand things better. Her drive to uphold the family name and reputation will push her to be very intelligent and quick witted. She has a knack for retaining information and a superb sense of situational awareness resulting in one very, very observant child.

Those that are often around the girl will notice something strange. She has a tendency to obsessively count objects. There are times where her compulsion is worse than others and she may very well break down into tears while counting. Plates, pebbles, birds in the sky. If the thought of counting strikes, she has no choice but to carry it out to its end. As she grows she'll learn to hide this flaw, but it will never leave. Denying herself for prolonged periods may very well result in a mental collapse later when she is alone.

In the presence of visitors and distinguished guests, Ikigai is the epitome of grace and decorum. She is demure and ladylike all while possessing an extreme sense of honor and dignity. She appreciates her family and holds them in very high regard. The lady mentally places her family on a pedestal and will always choose their side. In her shining silver eyes, they can do no wrong.

Despite loving her family and appearing outwardly confident, Ikigai is full of doubts. Is she enough? Will she honor her family? Will she make them proud? Only time will tell.
Character slot- Inheritance mutation pass- Horns- Inheritance mutation pass- Forked Tongue Mutation- Long tail Mutation- Dexterous paws Pup pass- Odd colored marking-misc


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parentsMother- Venom Abraxas Klein Father- Hattori Hanzo
siblingsIke, Oki, Ami, Take
Extended FamilyGrandmother- Kiyo Uncle- Chimera Aunt- Siren 'Uncle'- Raijin -A plethora of extended family


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INTELLECT : 3/11/21

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Okiku Ikigai Ōritsu Abraxas (O-kee-koo E-kee-guy) vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Okiku Ikigai Ōritsu Abraxas (O-kee-koo E-kee-guy) vs (opponent) for (fight type)
Round x/x
Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Medium
Build: Light
Companion 1: <a href="">House cat (with antlers), Female - Battle</a>
Skills: Beginner Healer & Intermediate Intellectual
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