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Alastor's coat is stark black with a crimson brindle pattern that cuts like flames across his torso and back from shoulder to rump. His tail and ears are tipped with the same shade of red as his markings, with two flashes of red right beneath his eyes. His fur is thick and plush, with an unusual softness in contrast to the man's hardened physique.


Alastor stands tall at 45" and boasts a large, heavily muscled frame, distinctly masculine beneath his dark-hued coat. His body is toned and sculpted beneath his fur, and his face is handsome in a conventional sense: a perfectly shaped broad snout, evenly rounded ears, and without a blemish or flaw to note.

Eyes & Voice

Alastor's eyes are like two chunks of faceted onyx, gleaming a brilliant jet black that seem to reflect light from all directions and look almost like the endless void of space in the moonlight. Alastor's voice is a pleasant and smooth tenor, and his words flow as smooth and sweet as honey.


Alastor's scent is a unique blend of sandalwood and larkspur, a final alluring trait to this otherwise deadly predator.


Alastor has a single vertical scar over his left eye, about one inch wide from a fall in a cave.


– A Smiling Demon –

Alastor is a dangerous kind of wolf. This man thrives off of the misery of others, feeding on breaking the minds and spirits of other creatures as much as much as he enjoys breaking their bodies. A trickster of the worst kind, Alastor loves making wagers and deals with wolves he knows they cannot complete. He will lie and deceive others into a false sense of hope, only to snatch it away from them at the last possible moment and watching them tumble down into despair and failure.

Alastor is delightfully mad with a dark sense of humor, taking joy in any cruel act he can find to harm others for no other reason than boredom. Any chaos he causes is just another game for him to play and win, and consequences do not exist for him. There is no win-or-lose in his games, only how much damage can be caused before he wins. Alastor is a sadist and a masochist, reveling in the feeling of pain almost as much as he loves inflicting it, finding a sick twist of pleasure and humor when someone can make him feel anything. This brute possesses a primal love for the taste of blood, the metallic flavor bringing him a euphoria akin to taking a hit of a powerful aphrodisiac.

Although chaotic in nature, preferring to watch the world succumb to a failing of order and reason, he respects those who demonstrate their strength and power to dominate others and will gladly follow an ambitious partner, provided their goals align with his. This deranged man is perpetually in a good mood, smiling an almost unsettlingly large grin and seeming to take nothing seriously as nothing even matters to him. Nihilistic and predatory, he could care less how much blood is shed in his pursuit of his entertainment. If Alastor is fixing you with a stare and a grin, he is usually imagining some slew of horrific things he could do. If Alastor is ever not at least smirking, something is terribly wrong.

Despite his large stature and brute strength, Alastor is also cunning and quick-witted, seemingly always able to keep one step ahead of his prey and knowing exactly what to say. He is secretly creative and imaginative, and delights in finding new ways to torment and kill. Alastor is a passionate fanatic for music, sound, and singing, seemingly the one thing in this world he enjoys that isn’t directly harmful to another, although very few get to experience his musical side. The only thing Alastor treasures in his life are the wolves he keeps closest to his heart, which are an exceptionally rare few, and will turn to violence to protect what he deems to be his. The man also has a soft spot for puppies, and often turns into a big child around them.

Alastor's Theme

The Possession of Jarl Udalryk - Marcin Przybyłowiczpersonality

Possessions / Companions / Attributes

A crystal-studded leather collarmisc



Alastor's childhood was filled with trauma and abuse. Born to a violent father and an apathetic mother, Alastor and his siblings were the product of spousal rape. He and his litter mates grew up in the Mirovis pack under the ruthless Amarix Dynasty, where their father would beat them mercilessly simply for committing the crime of existing. Alastor endured the physical abuse, watching as his father became progressively more and more violent until he had killed all of his siblings. When he was the last living pup, Alastor's father stopped the beatings, claiming he had proven he was the strongest by surviving and earning his right to live. Alastor never forgot, not forgave his father's actions, internalizing and learning from him, which is where he grew his violent and sadistic nature.


As he grew larger and stronger, Alastor began to take out his lifetime of rage on anything he could: other young wolves in the pack, prey animals, and small predators, not satisfied to merely beat them in battle, but brutalizing them in the process, leaving many a bloody mess. His ultimate act of revenge came when he convinced his father to take him on a hunt. Alastor knew he could not overpower his much larger father, but he could outsmart him. After leading his father to a cliffside, he tricked his father into scaling up an unstable slope, then kicked out several rocks, causing a landslide. Alastor watched as his abusive father was trapped beneath the rocks, only his head still visible beneath the rubble as he slowly suffocated to death pinned beneath the boulders. As he watched him die, Alastor grinned and left him, never revealing the location of his father's body. When he returned home alone, his mother knew what had transpired, and left the pack quietly within the day, unable to remain around her own child. Alastor spent the next two days alone in the empty den, laughing quietly to himself, the sound echoing in the empty den and could be heard by anyone passing by. When he finally re-emerged, the young wolf wore a wide, disturbing grin that never left his face from that day.

Alastor remained in the Mirovis pack, living alone and refining his skills of torture and killing on prey animals. He never turned down the opportunity to spar with another wolf, although many learned to not engage him, as his aggression only seemed to grow with the wolf. When the volcano erupted and fires swept through their home, Alastor fled with what remained of the Mirovis wolves, following Lurid's leadership out of sheer need for survival. During their exodus, Alastor continued to show his true nature, violently keeping in line any wolves that dared challenge or speak out against Lurid as she led them to safety and earning her trust in the process.


Alastor turned three years old in Spring of Year 15, the psychotic man still lingering with the Mirovis pack as they wandered to the edges of Boreas. Intrigued by the opportunity to find his sick forms of entertainment in the new land, Alastor was happy to take a role of watching over the pack just beyond the borders with Morbid while Lurid scouted ahead. He took great pleasure in his ability to strike fear into the wolves he had known all his life simply by walking by, grinning at them as he made sure none tried to leave or defy Lurid's orders. He happily killed any travelers that wandered too close to where the pack was hiding, maintaining the secrecy of the Mirovis pack's existence from the world. But as weeks turned to months without any sign of Lurid, Alastor eventually grew bored and ventured into Boreas to track down the missing woman, and setting his brand of wickedness loose on the unsuspecting lands.

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Alastor vs (opponent) for (fight type)
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Age: (Only include: over 1 year, under 1 year, or under 6 months as applicable)
Size: Dire wolf
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Defensive Battle Accessory: <a href="">Crystal studded collar</a>
Skills: Advanced Fighter & Intermediate Hunter
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